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5 Key Steps to Develop a Winning Business Plan in 2024

The world and the economy never stop evolving, and in 2024, customers expect more than just good products. Recent studies show that over 70% of consumers want to buy from companies that align with their values, especially in health, sustainability and digital innovation. This shows us the importance of understanding

The 5 Biggest Challenges Entrepreneurs Face, and How to Solve Them

Entrepreneurs start a business for various reasons: to attain more freedom, to have more control of their life or income, to build something great, or to make a difference — or for all these reasons. As entrepreneurs build their leadership team, the new leaders typically want the same things. But

Top 5 Tech Tools Every Hybrid Team Needs for Effective Collaboration 

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, hybrid teams are becoming increasingly common; these teams, which combine remote and in-office work, require specialized tools and strategies to collaborate effectively. Successful hybrid work environments require the adoption of technologies to ensure that optimal collaboration can still be achieved. The Importance of Tech in Hybrid

Sales & Marketing

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Addressing Labor Challenges with AI and Automation — Where is the Line?

Colorado business leaders still face persistent labor challenges in 2024. Compared to other states, Colorado’s workforce trends younger and more educated than most, but we also have a gap between the availability of and demand for skilled workers. Automation is an attractive option for many employers to bridge that gap. 

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Video Analytics: Leveraging Data to Optimize Your Video Marketing Strategy

No matter how good you think your video marketing strategy is, it’s not enough to rely on your intuition. Data and analytics are essential to make informed decisions, optimize your campaigns and ensure your videos are making an impact. Whether your goal is to drive conversions, increase brand awareness or

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5 Essential Strategies to Enhance Digital Customer Experience for eCommerce Success

If you run an online store, you don’t have the face-to-face opportunity to engage your customers and sell products. Instead, you need to make transactions easy and frictionless. These five digital customer experience strategies will show you how. READ: Unlocking Brand Loyalty — Enhancing Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Human Resources

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3 Strategies for Colorado Business Owners to Retain Talent Cost-Effectively

Colorado’s small business landscape is competitive. According to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, there are over 691,000 businesses in the state. While factors like marketing, quality products and services, and transparency are all crucial to success, the bottom line is that your business will only be as great as the

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Cultivating a Values-Driven Culture: How Neuro-Inclusion Enhances Business Success

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, success is often measured by financial metrics, market share and innovation. These are necessary, for sure, but I’d like to dive into something that carries a little more weight, in my opinion. I’m talking about values. Specifically how including neuro-inclusion into your values means


Time to cash in some of your Nvidia chips?

It feels like déjà vu these days. As a professional money manager with 40 years of experience, 2024 reminds me of the year 1999 with all the hype and stock market gains from the internet mania. Back then, the stock market darling was Cisco Systems. Today, it is all about

Parent company of Saks Fifth Avenue to buy rival Neiman Marcus

NEW YORK (AP) — The parent company of Saks Fifth Avenue has signed a deal to buy upscale rival Neiman Marcus for $2.65 billion. The new entity would be called Saks Global, which will comprise the Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks OFF 5TH brands, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, as

Program aims to help first-generation homebuyers

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority announced a new program Monday to support Coloradans who have not previously owned a home, and whose parents or guardians were not homeowners. The program, dubbed CHFA FirstGeneration, offers up to $25,000 in down payment assistance and a fixed-rate 30-year home mortgage loan to eligible


Music record labels sue AI song-generators Suno and Udio for copyright infringement

BOSTON (AP) — Big record companies are suing artificial intelligence song-generators Suno and Udio for copyright infringement, alleging that the AI music startups are exploiting the recorded works of artists from Chuck Berry to Mariah Carey. The Recording Industry Association of America announced the lawsuits Monday brought by labels including

Supreme Court rejects settlement in Western states water dispute

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a settlement between Western states over the management of one of North America’s longest rivers. In a 5-4 decision, the justices ruled that the water-sharing deal between Texas and New Mexico can’t go through because the federal government still has concerns