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Another 112 far-out uses for drones

Thomas Frey //October 2, 2014//

Another 112 far-out uses for drones

Thomas Frey //October 2, 2014//

(Editor’s note: This is the second of two parts. Read Part One.)

Here are some more possible uses for drones.

Ranching Drones – Tracking animal movements, pregnancies, eating patterns, weight gains-losses and any signs of danger. Each form of livestock will require different sensors, tracking systems, and monitoring equipment.

81. Cow Monitors

82. Horse Shadowers

83. Pig Monitors

84. Bee Observers

85. Sheep Trackers

86. Chicken Monitors

87. Turkey Trackers

88. Duck & Geese Monitors

Police Drones – The police will use drones to track down criminals and even for search and rescue missions. They’re a cost-effective alternative to manned helicopters.

89. Drug Sniffing Drones – Faster and more versatile than bloodhounds.

90. Political Corruption Sniffing Drones – Faster and more versatile than whistleblowers…. Maybe!

91. High Speed Chase Drones – The chase is over even before it starts.

92. Domestic Violence Monitors – Remote monitoring of potentially volatile situations.

93. Child Abuse Monitors – When in doubt, these hovering nanny-cams will provide close scrutiny.

94. Neighborhood Watch Cams – Patrolling the neighborhood even when the neighbors are gone.

95. Ankle Bracelet Replacement Drones – Adjusted to the freedoms stipulated by the courts with more real-time data.

96. Instant Court Drones – Your day in court may only be minutes after receiving your ticket.

Smart Home Drones

97. Airbrush Swarm – Add artistic murals to your walls in seconds.

98. Dusting Drone – Cleans walls, shelves, countertops, and virtually every other surface.

99. Lawn Manicuring Drone – Perfect lawns every time.

100. Leaf Raking Drones – Menial labor is a thing of the past.

101. Home Security Drones – Whether the threat is coming from the sky or on the ground, these drones will spot the problem, alert the owners, alert authorities, and rain fire and brimstone down on any intruders.

102. 3D Printer Repair Drone – Whenever a crack or damage occurs, the 3D printer drone will fly in and print a perfect patch every time.

103. Special Drone Docks – To allow 24-7 drone deliveries, and to alert you when they arrive.

104. Diaper Changing Drones – I have no idea how this one will work, but once perfected, the demand will be off the charts.

Real Estate

105. Real Estate Photography Drones – Real estate agents, especially those selling high-end homes, use drones to fly over their listed properties and capture aerial footage of the grounds and surrounding neighborhoods.

106. Atmospheric Water Harvesting Drones – Fly to high humidity areas, suck moisture from the air, and deliver it within minutes.

107. Home Inspection Drones – Find the problems before spending too much time on a property.

108. Battery Replacement Drones – Replace the batteries in your house, much like replacing the batteries in your clock.

109. Trash Removal Drones – Off grid living at it’s best.

110. Sewage Removal Drones – To distant leech fields.

111. Insurance Adjuster Drones – Filing a claim will never been easier.

112. Instant Listing Drone – Put your house up for sale in a matter of minutes. 

Library Drones – As we enter the drone era, the library/sharing economy will take on some interesting new dimensions.

113. Tool Loaning Libraries – Borrow a drill, wrench, socket set, welding torch, hammer, plane, power saw, soldering iron, or more.

114. Emergency Equipment Loaning Libraries – Emergency generators, emergency lighting, first aid kits, etc.

115. Pet Lending Library – Animal shelters or fraction pet ownership kennels will be able to fly your pet to you at a moments notice.

116. 24-Hour Books, Audio Books, Videos, Artwork, & Information Archives – On demand library services delivered right to your home.

117. Tech Lending Library – If you find an old Commodore 64 disc or Atari Space Invaders cartridge and want to have a retro weekend, just borrow one of the original computers or game consoles to make it happen.

118. Borrow an Expert Library – Flying video screen with a live connection so you can have a brief conversation with an expert who can answer your questions.

119. Borrow a Big Brother – Companionship with a drone chaperone.

120. Drone Lending Library – Borrow a drone. It will come to you.

Military and Spy Uses – In 2010 the U.S. Military spent $4.5 billion on drones. By 2018, that number is expected to reach $18.7 billion.

121. Missile Launching Drones – Already in use.

122. Bomb-Dropping Drones – Already in use.

123. Flying Camouflage Drones – Visually masking everything below.

124. Communication Disruptors – Creating zero-communication zones over targeted areas.

125. Battlefield Medical Supply Drones – Providing almost instant source of supplies and equipment for battlefield injuries.

126. Invisible Spy Drones – Too small to see, with rolling, jumping, flying, attach to anything capabilities.

127. Heat Seeking Bullet Drone – Perhaps the most dangerous weapon ever to be invented, this bullet-size drone can be shot from thousands of miles away at a specific target, and never miss.

128. Solar Powered High-Altitude WiFi Drones – In March 2014, Facebook purchased Ascenta, a solar-powered drone company based in the UK. Facebook intends to use the high-altitude flyers as part of a network of linked satellites, drones and lasers that can beam Internet to remote communities from the sky. In April 2014, Google purchased its own solar-powered drone company: Titan Aerospace. The company designs ultra-lightweight, solar-powered planes that fly high above commercial air traffic and can remain aloft for up to five years.

Health care Drones

129. Humanitarian Applications – Researchers at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology are developing drones that can deliver vaccines and other critical medical supplies to remote locations in the developing world.

130. Canary Drones – Test out air quality inside mines and other questionable air environments.

131. Body Sphere Monitoring – Swarm of micro drones to monitor any changes in a person’s energy fields.

132. Hovering Health Monitors – Real time tracking, measuring, and analyzing body movements.

133. Physical Movement Analysis – Therapeutic monitoring of all physical movement to analyze strengths and efficiencies and suggest ways to improve.

134. Skin Care Monitor – Tracking overall skin and dermis health.

135. Seeing Eye Drone – Replacing the seeing-eye dog.

136. Infectious Disease Monitoring Drone – Will alert you whenever you’re about to come into close proximity with someone carrying a contagious disease.

Educational Drones

137. Historical Reference – “At this location on Oct 18, 1963 a meeting was held to decide the fate….”

138. Real-Time Perspectives – “A civil war is currently being fought between rival factions and these are before and after scenes of the main transportation route through their country…”

139. Geometric Shapes – Drones used to form patterns in space, showing the math behind calculating angles, volumes, areas, and relationships.

140. The Question & Answer Drone – Wherever you walk, this drone will pose a constant series of questions to challenge your understanding of the world around you. Correct answers will be given after three attempts.

141. Documentary Drones – Film and motion picture companies using drones for aerial footage, because drones are quieter and don’t vibrate as much as helicopters.

142. Language Partner Drone – Learn a foreign language with an interactive drone partner.

143. Basic Math Drones – Real math problems done with three-dimensional examples, unfolding before your eyes.

144. SAT-ACT Prep Drone – Constant testing until you’re ready for prime time. 

Science & Discovery

145. Archeology – A team of archaeologists uncovered structures thought to be from an ancient Native American village in New Mexico using drones equipped with heat-sensing cameras. The thermal images enabled the researchers to see beneath the desert floor, which helped them locate the buried structures.

146. Whale Watching – Real time tracking of whale pods everywhere in the world.

147. Bird Migration – Real time tracking of birds as they move through their migratory patterns.

148. Forest Health – Map everything from bark beetles, to pine beetles, to spruce beetles, to disease patterns, and more.

149. Ocean Currents – Using temperature sensors to do real time tracking of warm water currents.

150. Aurora Borealis – Real time tracking of the northern lights and the underlying colliding solar winds and magnetospheric charged particles.

151. Solar Flare Monitoring – Using a diverse pattern of solar-watching drones, scientists will be able to do real time monitoring of all solar activity with far greater precision than anything used today.

152. Earth Noise Monitoring – Establishing a wide configuration of listening posts throughout the atmosphere to listen to the shifting noise patterns of the earth itself. 

Travel Drones – Oddly enough, flying drones will replace our need for flying cars.

153. Commuter Drones

154. Taxi-Limo Drones

155. Bar Hopping Drone

156. Tourist Attraction Drones

157. Hop-on-Hop-off Drones

158. Emergency Rescue Drones

159. Trucking Drones

160. Overnight Sleeper Drones

Robotic Arm Drones – Add a robotic arm to a flying drone and a person’s mind begins to swirl with possibilities.

161. Hazardous Material Drones

162. Transporting Dangerous Chemical Drones

163. Rescuing Dangerous Animal Drones

164. Chess-Playing Drones

165. Arm Wrestling Drones

166. Spot-Welding in Difficult Places Drones

167. Mechanical Repair in Difficult Places Drones

168. Space Junk Removal Drones

Reality Distortion Fields – Steve Job’s secret talent applied to drones. This involves our ability to distort virtually every form of our sensory perceptions.

169. Odor Cancellation – Eliminate bad odors and make every bathroom, landfill, and pig farm smell like springtime.

170. Sound & Noise Cancellation – Noisy neighbors can be a thing of the past.

171. Visible Light Cancellation – Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak done with drones.

172. Magnifying Drones – Make distant object appear closer.

173. De-Magnifying Drones – Make close objects seem further away.

174. Color Changing Drones – Distort the visible light spectrum to whatever you desire.

175. Thermo Cannons – To blast heat into whatever may need heat.

176. Voices in Our Head Drones – Silent invisible drone that talks to us. With a little voodoo programming the voice can sound exactly like a person’s own voice. Bad guys and terrorists can be influenced and maybe even grow a conscious without ever knowing they’re being externally manipulated.

Novelty Drones

177. Personal Periscopes – Want to see over a tall building? No problem, and you can even view the image on your smartphone.

178. Plant Communicator Drones – If we listen closely, every plant is speaking to us.

179. Frisbee Turbo Fliers – Comes with a self-balancing turbo booster to assist Frisbee gamers everywhere.

180. Shade Drones – Too much sun, no problem. The drone clouds are here!

181. Mosquito-Free Zone Drones – Keeps all of these pesky critters away.

182. Dating Drone – Spots nearby potential dating partners who fall into your compatibility categories.

183. Relevancy Drone – To filter out anything that’s not relevant.

184. Elevator Drones – Set up to move people on the outside of buildings, also with the capability of doing building hopping.



Far Out Concepts

185. Massive Flying Drone Resorts – Think of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas hovering at 1,000-foot altitude. Paradise in the clouds.

186. Artificial Earthworms – Microbe-sized swarmbots can be built to “chew their way through” landfills and fields of toxic material as a way of improving the rate of decomposition and lowing toxicity levels.

187. Personal Prep Swarms – Once we step out of the shower in the morning, the swarmbots will dry our skin, fix our hair, and take their place as part of our ever-changing wardrobe.

188. Swarm Clothing – Flying swarmbots will serve as our clothing, flying into “clothing formation” on command, reconfiguring themselves according to our fashion moods, changing color on a whim.

189. Protective Swarms – Flying swarmbots will be capable of forming shields to protect people from too much sun, too much wind, and even temperature extremes. In personal confrontations, swarmbots will form a protective shield around people, keeping them safe.

190. Mental Conduit Swarms – Swarmbots will serve as an information conduit for our minds, forming antennae to capture wireless transmissions, forming an information-processing array for the data, floating visual displays that only we can see.

191. Remote Viewing Swarms – Remote viewing from anywhere, at any time, from any angle, will be possible as the swarm moves into whatever position we ask it to. This “eye in the sky” can range from several miles across on one extreme to a micrometer across on the other.

192. Superman Swarm – With flying swarms that serve as our clothing, the next step will be for them to evolve into an exoskeleton of sorts for physical enhancement. Flying swarms will give of superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and even the ability to fly.

 Final Thoughts

The purpose of composing this rather exhaustive list is not an attempt to cover everything, but rather to show the enormous versatility of this platform.

The complete list of will easily include over 10,000 listings.

Some may think that drones will become the most annoying devices on earth. In many cases that might be true.

Without the proper protections, drones can be dangerous. The same drones that deliver food and water can also deliver bombs and poison. We may very well have drones watching the workers who watch the drones, and even that may not be enough.

Eventually we’ll find the positive uses far outweigh the negative ones, and we’ll develop the right systems to make it all workable.

As we go down this path, we’ll also be unleashing millions of new startups that are destined to drive the economy for decades, if not centuries, to come.