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Biz-friendly candidates get the nod

ColoradoBiz Staff //August 26, 2010//

Biz-friendly candidates get the nod

ColoradoBiz Staff //August 26, 2010//

The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI) has endorsed 56 legislative candidates for election in November in a concentrated effort to ensure a “business-friendly” legislature next January.

The list includes 36 incumbents and 20 new candidates running for seats in the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado Senate. 

“CACI has chosen to support legislative incumbents who voted with us on salient business issues,” said Chuck Berry, CACI President and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, “These were issues that not only had a substantial financial impact on the business community, but they also affected job creation and economic development for Colorado.”

“Our endorsements and contributions are intended as a vote of confidence and an investment in those who support business,” said Loren Furman, CACI Vice President of Governmental Affairs

“The 2010 session caused great distress to companies across the state, and some kind of balance of-power arrangement at the State Capitol is critical to protect the interests of businesses during the next two legislative sessions,” said Tom Flanagan, Chair of the CACI Board of Directors and Division I President of Citywide Banks. 

“CACI has a bipartisan membership and is governed by a bi-partisan Board of Directors,” said Rob LeVine, CACI Board Chair-Elect and General Manager of the Antlers at Vail, “We support those who support us, regardless of their party affiliation, and this policy is reflected by our bi-partisan endorsements.”

Fifty-two new legislative candidates were interviewed in late June and early July by CACI after submitting their answers to a CACI questionnaire on business issues. The interview was conducted by the CACI lobbying team and a large number of CACI members who had contributed to CACI’s political action committee. 

From this pool of new candidates, the CACI staff recommended a slate of 20 candidates to the CACI Executive Committee, which then approved the list on August 2nd. In the following days, the CACI Board concurred on the list. One incumbent was approved pending the outcome of Tuesday’s primary, while three new candidates were approved pending the outcome of their primary races. The Board approved the list of the other incumbents for endorsement at its June 10 meeting. 

A CACI endorsement usually results in a contribution of $400 from The Colorado Business Political Action Committee (CB-PAC), which is CACI’s political action committee. In addition, a small number of pro-business candidates in key races will receive an additional amount, to be determined, from CACI’s small-donor committee, The CACI Prosperity Fund.

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