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Dec 11, 2023

Who Will Lead Colorado’s Energy Future?

As ColoradoBiz prepared its fifth Energy Report, we identified more than 100 story ideas for consideration. From renewables to hydrogen to the electric grid to battery storage and critical minerals, we were again reminded that we’ll never run out of business stories to tell. And while this report may merely scratch the surface[...]


Dec 4, 2023

5 Metrics for Measuring the Success of Emotional Marketing

About 31% of advertisers report significant profit gains when using emotional marketing. However, emotional or emotive marketing might seem like a less tangible approach to marketing, as far as ways to measure its success. You’re not just looking at sales or website traffic — you’re delving deeper into sentiment [...]


Dec 1, 2023

Unwrapping the Perfect Gift — A New Approach to Gifting in 2024

In a world where experiences triumph over possessions and sustainability takes center stage, it’s time to take an innovative approach to gifting. Say goodbye to cluttered junk drawers and hello to purposeful, travel-friendly gifts that align with the modern, conscious lifestyle. As we embark on this journey together, let’[...]

Nov 28, 2023

Andy Filson and the Future of Manufacturing in Colorado (Q&A)

Each year, ColoradoBiz brings together the state’s manufacturers at our Made in Colorado event to celebrate the people and businesses behind some of the state’s most innovative products. This year’s event on December 5, 2023 will feature CoorsTek Chief Operations Officer Andy Filson. ColoradoBiz staff sat down with Mr.[...]

Nov 28, 2023

Colorado’s ‘Small but Mighty’ International Tourists: A Powerful Economic Force

International visitors have historically represented nearly 2 percent of overall visitors to Colorado, but they pack a punch: The spending of the international tourist is about 8 percent of the overall tourist spending for the state.  “We call them the ‘small but mighty crowd,’” says Andrea Blankenship, deputy director [...]


Nov 28, 2023

Don’t be an “Average” Company: The Power of Prioritizing Team Happiness

My wife, April, and I recently went out to dinner, and the word we both used to describe our experience was “whelming.” It wasn’t a bad dinner, but there was nothing that stood out or impressed us. The service was fine, the food was good and the pricing for what we received was fair, but […]

Nov 27, 2023

The Messi Effect — How One Player is Drastically Changing the Global Sports Media Industry

We have seen the future of televised sports. It wears No. 10.   The jersey belongs to one Lionel Messi, captain for Argentina’s national soccer team and more recently a forward for the Major League Soccer team Inter Miami, where in short order he has become a pink-shirted human highlight reel whose powerhouse left foot routi[...]

Nov 27, 2023

Colorado’s Looming Healthcare Crisis: 10,000 Nurses Needed by 2026

Healthcare statistics in Colorado continue to show a predicted shortfall of 10,000 registered nurses and 54,000 allied health professionals such as medical and nursing assistants by 2026. This comes at a time when the population of Colorado continues to age and will need more healthcare services, and aging nurses are retiring or[...]

Nov 27, 2023

Is the Future of Luxury Sports Suites Less… Luxury? Or Just More Practical?

The Broncos are down by seven against the Texans with just 12 minutes to go, but Russell Wilson and Co. are on the march, staring down a first-and-ten on the opponent’s 22-yard line. On the lookout for a one-on-one matchup, Wilson scans the defense. And then sees it: Wideout Eric Saubert, lined up in the […]

Nov 22, 2023

Transform Your Mental Health in the Workplace: Strategies for a Healthier, Happier Experience

It’s easy to let our well-being take a back seat as the demands of the modern workplace often leave us little room to focus on our health. Long hours, looming deadlines, and the constant pressures of work can take a toll on our physical and mental health. But it doesn’t have to be this way. […]

Nov 22, 2023

Starting Your Colorado Business at Home: A Guide to Successful Homepreneurship 

It’s no secret that Colorado is supportive of entrepreneurs. Indeed, a recent report found it to be the 11th best state to start a business. A thriving business landscape isn’t just positive for those operating from traditional stores or offices though. It’s more practical than ever to start your small business in Colorado[...]

Nov 22, 2023

Inside the Colorado Semiconductor Industry Renaissance: CHIPS Act Sparks Manufacturing Revival

A $600 billion global market, semiconductors are omnipresent. They’re the chips used for memory, processing and other systems in basically every new phone, car, fridge, TV, computer and plane.  When supply chain woes hit the semiconductor industry in Asia, U.S. companies paid the price for decades of offshoring. National empl[...]