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Jun 27, 2022

5 Tips for your Best Business Retreat Yet

  Set the Scene: Here in the Rocky Mountains, we draw endless inspiration from our natural surroundings. We trade fluorescent lights for floor-to-ceiling windows and cityscapes for towering peaks. Retreat to a special and inspiring setting to get the most out of your getaway. Set the Scene  Setting may be the single most i[...]

Jun 22, 2022

Love is Love: PrideFest 2022

Denver has been inaugurating PrideFest celebrations for nearly 50 years. As much as this is a milestone to rejoice, it also serves as a reminder for the continual growth needed in order to support the LGBTQ+ community across Colorado to live with full expression to be who they wish to be and love who they […]

Jun 15, 2022

Father’s Day, Fit for Every Coloradan

Father’s Day is this weekend — and if you’re like many locals who have been eager to step out from the confines of indoor life lately — there’s just something special about this year’s holidays. If you’re honoring the special pops in your life, perhaps any array of son, friend, or significant other, or if […[...]

May 18, 2022

Colorado’s State Parks: Economic Forces of Nature

  While Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde and Colorado’s other national parks get the hype, the 42 state parks are significant economic engines for communities across the state. Bridget O’Rourke, statewide public information officer with Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), says the agency pegs the economic contribution of Col[...]

May 2, 2022

Mezcal, Mint Juleps, and Mimosas

Denver, and all of Colorado really, is about to get about to get triple-festive this week. In honor of Battle of Puebla Day (May 5, 1862), otherwise known as Cinco De Mayo, tacos and margaritas will overflow from every corner of the state Thursday — including treats from empanadas and Mezcal findings to food-film musings. [&he[...]

Apr 5, 2022

Brother, Can You Spare a Round?

Green fee coupons and punch cards. Walk-on primetime rounds and twilight deals. Group discounts. Wink-wink sales pitches from private clubs. And, best of all, beautiful, birdie-bearing conditions on golf courses private, public and municipal. Colorado golfers, the golf industry wanted us that badly. Course operators tried everyt[...]


Apr 5, 2022

A Musing on Golf’s Pace of Play Dilemma

Golf is a great game that allows us to spend time with friends outdoors in a beautiful, idyllic setting. Ah, the birds singing in the trees, the warm gentle breeze … ‘Hey buddy would you please hurry up and hit the shot!’ Twenty-seven practice swings just to dump it in the water. We have all […]

Mar 17, 2022

High Country Conundrum

The ability to work from anywhere and a shift by property owners to rent short-term rather than long-term has made it so difficult for people in mountain towns to secure housing that businesses in those communities are having a tough time finding employees. Retailers, restaurants and other businesses are restricting their hours [...]

Mar 10, 2022

Denver Restaurant Week: 2022

  Denver Restaurant Week returns for its proud and awaited in-person event, this: Friday, March 11 – Sunday, March 20, 2022. The event, organized by Visit Denver, managed to just squeeze by in 2020, occurring nearer to the first week in March, and then adjusting to the many ebbs and flows of restaurant openings and [&hell[...]

Feb 21, 2022

Feeling Stressed? New Challenges Inspire New Hobbies

As we approach year-three of the global pandemic, more and more people are seeking new hobbies and ways to stay active while working from home. For many, juggling work and home life during the pandemic has turned both into stressful environments, and more people than ever are expressing feelings of burnout. Studies have shown th[...]

Dec 15, 2021

5 hospitality design trends for 2022

As travel returns, and the hunger for exploration grows, the hospitality industry is opening its arms to an influx of travelers with new perspectives.

Nov 23, 2021

How caterers and event planners survived a pandemic year

Caterers and event planners recount the difficulties faced when the pandemic put the kibosh on public gatherings.