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Finding your game

Gary Harvey //September 22, 2011//

Finding your game

Gary Harvey //September 22, 2011//

Recently, I was emailed an article from an assistant golf pro I know. As I read it, I felt it related very well to selling and being on a sales call, and frankly the many things I teach my clients as a sales coach. I have inserted some of my thoughts (in boldface italics) on how this article on golf, by James Brackey, relates to sales.

Commit to the shot (the sales process) – The Mental Game (what beliefs you have when you sell)

The mind perceives, the body executes, the ball (sales) flies. That’s golf (sales)!

It begins in our mind, housing our vision for success. Have you ever heard the saying, “golf is a game of inches (so is making or not making a sale)?” I heard this expression when I was very young. I never quite understood. I soon found out. This crazy wonderful world we live in, like golf, is a filled with uncertainties, possibilities and challenges (as is sales) in addition to occasional miracles that can arrive in the most unique fashion.

Both have forcible situations that call upon decisions to be made. How we maintain our composure (and our belief in our self on a sales call) and how we carry ourselves through this process defines our true character (again our self-esteem/belief in our self).The true lessons of the “game of inches” can only be taught through experience, practice, and commitment.

Your mind is a powerful tool, so relax when I say swing the club fluidly, with fearlessness and grace (relax when you go on a sales call and focus more on your sales process, assuming you have one. If not I suggest you get one ASAP as your prospect I assure you has one to deal with salespeople, not the outcome. You can’t control the outcome, only how you function in the process).

Swing (sell) confidently with one goal in mind. Success! (And success in sales isn’t always did you close the sale. Did you learn anything whether you got a yes or a no? Did you deal with think-it-over’s ? Did you not accept stalls and excuses from your prospect? )

Once you have envisioned the shot (the sale) you are trying to create, I urge you to commit and execute with ease. (Focusing more on an “effective” – key word here – sales process than the outcome of a sales call, and work on using your sales process on every call I assure you the outcomes you strive for will come true with time.)

It’s in our nature to ensure our survival, which means we didn’t get here as human beings by second guessing (and how many salespeople are doing this every day? Especially in this economy). It was done by making confident, committed (you can’t get to 2nd base with your foot still on 1st. So stop being “ready to be ready” and be committed!) decisions. Follow your routine; choose the best plan of attack, and let faith and confidence (and that starts with what’s between your ears- i.e. the mental game) lead the way!

Practice, practice, practice (Yes. However the old phrase that says, “practice makes perfect” is not true. Practice makes”permanent;” therefore, imperfect practice makes something “impermanent” that which you might not what to be permanent. Make your practice be the right, effective kind of practice.)

Play (sell) your best!
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Gary Harvey is the founder and president of Achievement Dynamics, LLC, a high performance sales training, coaching and development company for sales professionals, managers and business owners. His firm is consistently rated by the Sandler Training as one of the top 10 training centers in the world. He can be reached at 303-741-5200, or [email protected] .