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Reading for the plane

Tracy E. Houston //November 6, 2014//

Reading for the plane

Tracy E. Houston //November 6, 2014//

Here’s some reading to take along on your next businss trip:

1) Take Command Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First Responder in Business by Jake Wood

The founder and CEO of Team Rubicon and an ex-Marine sniper applies lessons in leadership and teamwork from the disaster zone and battlefield to show how to be a “first responder” in business.

 2) The Risk Factor: Why Every Organization Needs Big Risks, Bold Characters, and the Occasional Spectacular Failure by Deborah Perry Piscione

Explains why risk-taking is critical to success, for established businesses and startups alike.

 3) Capitalism with a Conscience: How We Can Create Wealth… Not Destroy It by Charles Hampden-Turner, Tom Cummings and Fons Tompenaars

A meticulously researched and passionately argued treatise on global capitalist culture and wealth creation, and how we can rediscover the moral basis of capitalist values to compete in the 21st century.

 4) Data-ism: The Revolution Transforming Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, and Almost Everything Else by Steve Lohr

A senior writer and technology reporter for the New York Times chronicles the rise of Big Data, addressing cutting-edge business strategies and examining the dark side of a data-driven world.

 5) The Small Big by Robert Cialdini, Noah Goldstein, and Steve Martin

What is the smallest change you can make to your approach that will make the biggest difference to your request? The world’s leading experts on persuasion offer the best of science and practical insights about influence. The smallest change = the biggest difference. The book offers readers 52 easy-to-apply changes -all designed to help you become a more effective and persuasive communicator.