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John Deere ends support of ‘social or cultural awareness’ events, distances from inclusion efforts

NEW YORK (AP) — Farm equipment maker John Deere says it will no longer sponsor "social or cultural awareness" events, becoming the latest major U.S. company to distance itself from diversity and inclusion measures after being targeted by conservative backlash. In a statement posted Tuesday to social media platform X, John Deere [...]

Best of Colorado

Best of Colorado 2024 — Recreation

Many of this year’s Best of Colorado winners embody the art of specialization. They don’t pretend to be something they are not, rather they concentrate on one element and aim to perfect it. That in turn has clearly helped them make a name for themselves. Our readers (Best of Colorado customers) not only remember them but make [...]


Scammers are swiping billions from Americans every year. Worse, most crooks are getting away with it

The scammers are winning. Sophisticated overseas criminals are stealing tens of billions of dollars from Americans every year, a crime wave projected to get worse as the U.S. population ages and technology like AI makes it easier than ever to perpetrate fraud and get away with it. Internet and telephone scams have grown "expone[...]

Companies to Watch

Can Practical Education Close Colorado’s Skills Gap?

If you’re a Colorado business leader, then you might think we’re stating the obvious: Young Coloradans aren’t always prepared for the jobs that are available today. To close this “skills gaps,” the Colorado Chamber of Commerce partnered with Colorado Succeeds, Colorado Inclusive Economy, Colorado Technology Association, [...]


Survey sheds light on actual vs. perceived wealth

According to a new survey from Jenius Bank, only 20% of the general population surveyed said they consider themselves to be rich, but 32% said others consider them to be rich, indicating they don’t see themselves to be as affluent as outsiders may perceive them. With concerns around mounting debt and saving for retirement so pre[...]


Boebert wins Republican House primary after switching districts

(AP) — U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert won the Republican primary in a U.S. House race that she jumped into last year, surviving a scandal over a video of her at a Denver theater and accusations of carpetbagging after fleeing what could have been a tough reelection bid in her current district. Boebert built national hard-line conservat[...]

Industry Trends

Can Practical Education Close Colorado’s Skills Gap?

If you’re a Colorado business leader, then you might think we’re stating the obvious: Young Coloradans aren’t always prepared for the jobs that are available today. To close this “skills gaps,” the Colorado Chamber of Commerce partnered with Colorado Succeeds, Colorado Inclusive Economy, Colorado Technology Association, [...]


What to expect in Colorado’s state primaries

WASHINGTON (AP) — Colorado's congressional delegation faces a reshuffling in Tuesday's state primaries after a retirement, a resignation and a relocation have ensured that at least a third of the state's population will have new representation in Washington next year. Tuesday's primaries will also lay the groundwork for a genera[...]

Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies

Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies Based on self-reported revenues 2024 Rank Company 2023 Revenue 2022 Revenue % Change Business Description City Company Head Years in Business Number of Employees 1 Alpine Group $346,601,999 $358,062,210 -3% Buick, GMC and Ford dealerships Littleton Ivette Dominguez 19 275 [...]


Elon Musk Wins Back His $44.9 Billion Tesla Pay Package in Shareholder Vote

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla shareholders voted Thursday to restore CEO Elon Musk's record $44.9 billion pay package that was thrown out by a Delaware judge earlier this year, sending a strong vote of confidence in his leadership of the electric vehicle maker. The favorable vote doesn't necessarily mean that Musk will get the all-stock [...]

Business Insights

Future of Elon Musk and Tesla Are on the Line as Shareholders Vote on Massive Pay Package

DETROIT (AP) — If Tesla shareholders vote against restoring Elon Musk's $44.9 billion pay package Thursday, the CEO could deliver on threats to take artificial intelligence research to one of his other companies. Or he could even walk away. If they approve the all-stock compensation package that was thrown out by a Delaware judg[...]


Analysis: Day of Reckoning Coming for Debt-Laden ‘Zombie’ Companies

NEW YORK (AP) — An Associated Press analysis found the number of publicly traded "zombie" companies — those so laden with debt they're struggling to pay even the interest on their loans — has soared to nearly 7,000 around the world, including 2,000 in the United States. And many of them soon could be facing their day of reck[...]

Human Resources

Navigating the ‘Big Stay’: How Businesses Can Attract and Retain Top Talent Amidst Evolving Job Market Dynamics

The Great Resignation, once a hot topic and large concern for employers across the nation, has since evolved into a new era of the 'Big Stay.' After the pandemic, employers became increasingly concerned about employee retention and its effect on their overall organization. The Great Resignation encouraged dissatisfied employees to s[...]

The big Stay Concept: Attract Leads And Customers. Capture Business Candidate With Magnet
Industry Trends

Bike Shops Boomed Early in the Pandemic, But it’s Been a Bumpy Ride Since

In Boulder, Douglas Emerson's bike shop, University Bicycles, is faring better than most stores, boosted by its location in one of the most popular places to ride bikes in the country. He's had the shop for 39 years and employs 30 staffers. Like other bike stores, the pandemic spurred a frenzy of bike buying at University Bicycles[...]

Real Estate

Navigating Real Estate Investments with Self-Directed IRAs: A Guide for Savvy Retirees

Thanks to inflation, longer lifespans and general economic turbulence, people are more worried than ever about providing for themselves financially during retirement. Forty percent of current retirees are worried about outliving their savings. This anxiety isn’t unfounded — nearly a fifth of them already have.  That fear has l[...]

Businessman Holding Paper Graph Over The Increasing House Miniature

Strategies for Paying Off Debt and Boosting Investments: Should You Save, Spend or Invest? 

Is it best to pay off your debt, invest your extra money or a mix of both? Learn a few key questions to ask yourself so you can make a decision.  After you pay your bills, what do you do with money you have left over? This could be a one-off as you just received your tax return or a lump sum of cash or maybe this is your new normal[...]

Financial discipline, saving money or investing strategy, routine or practice to invest or building wealth or pay off debt concept, ambitious man meditate on banknote with credit card and piggy bank.
Magazine Articles

Family Owned Companies: Moody Insurance Agency

For this issue’s Family-Owned Companies feature – an annual ColoradoBiz staple we’re focusing on family businesses that are at least 50 years old, a fact that, by itself, makes them exceptional: According to a study by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, the average lifespan of a family-owned business is 24 years. Th[...]

Moody Insurance Agency 8-story office building
Real Estate

Navigating Denver’s New Rental Licensing Program: Impact and Insights for Landlords and Tenants

People who own rental properties have mixed feelings about Denver’s new rental licensing program. On one hand, they appreciate the program’s intent of ensuring apartments and single-family rental units are fit for people to live in. On the other hand, they worry about added expenses, with some calling it a “money grab” for[...]

House inspection, home, property and real estate price evaluation, mortgage and loan analysis, search for housing investment concept, curios businessman using magnifying glass to see house details.
Community News

Former FirstBank CEO Announces His Retirement From the Bank After 37 Year Tenure

FirstBank, one of the largest privately held banks in the nation with a focus on “banking for good”, announced Jim Reuter is retiring from FirstBank after seven years as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and 37 years with the organization. The board elected President, Kevin Classen, as the new CEO, and Chief Digital Officer [...]

Business Insights

Navigating Financial Harmony: Strategies for Couples to Align on Money Matters

Discussing money can be hard — especially for couples who may not have the same outlook on managing their finances. While the traditional role of men handling household finances is long gone, many women today are still anxious about finances and encouraging financial education could prove beneficial in any relationship. The bigges[...]