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GenXYZ 2022: Finalists (6-10)

This year’s Top 25 Young Professionals vary in their backgrounds and their professional pursuits – they’re leaders in banking, real estate, nonprofits, law, entrepreneurship and architecture, to name just a few. 

Some are lifelong Coloradans who couldn’t conceive of living anywhere else; others are transplants from the East and West coasts or somewhere between. What they have in common is a relentless achiever’s mindset, a can-do spirit and a desire to do good for others as they do well for themselves.

Read on to learn more about this year’s GenXYZ finalists.

Jessica Ostoyich, 38

Market Director, Mortenson | Denver 

Jessica Ostoyich
Jessica Ostoyich, Marketing Director at Mortenson

Jessica Ostoyich started her career as a field engineer at Mortenson’s Central Park (formerly Stapleton) project.  

A 15-year veteran of the company, Ostoyich has since overseen projects such as Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, Woodward corporate headquarters in Fort Collins, Facebook’s massive data center in Eagle Mountain, Utah, and The HUB Project in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. Along the way, she’s built strong community partnerships with local nonprofits, making an impact in the communities in which she works and lives. Two years ago, Ostoyich was named project executive and is now responsible for Mortenson’s Corporate Market, which also includes life sciences, manufacturing, industrial and corporate projects. 

She credits great mentors with helping her chart a path in the building industry and aims to provide the same support for others. She’s become a vital leader in Mortenson’s national event for Women in Construction Week, leading discussions at Mortenson’s “Cup of Joe” conversations, and coaching field team members. 

Ostoyich is currently overseeing a new $15.5 million research laboratory on the South Table Mountain Campus of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The 15,700-square-foot laboratory will provide multipurpose lab space for cross-disciplinary research within the fields of chemistry, materials science, bioscience and engineering. This project will be the first of its kind on the NREL campus. 

Ostoyich has served on the boards of Firefly Autism and the American Society of Civil Engineers Concrete Canoe Committee and is a founding board member of the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce in Eagle Mountain, Utah.  

Ginnie Logan, 39

Program Director, Chinook Fund | Denver 

Ginnie Logan
Ginnie Logan, Program Director at Chinook Fund

Born and raised in Denver, Ginnie Logan has worked for several nonprofits in the Denver area, including one she founded—Big Hair, Bigger Dreams—advocating for and providing opportunities for students needing adults to advocate for and support them.  

As a leader focused on equity, Logan has led efforts to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusiveness. Through this lens and her lived experience, she has positively impacted thousands of individuals and families in classrooms, schools and communities across metro Denver and the country. 

One of her strengths is her ability to engage in interdisciplinary efforts that connect with a wide range of community members. 

This ability is evident in her current role as Program Director at Chinook Fund, a Denver-based community foundation working across Colorado to support organizations and leaders engaged in community organizing and social justice. Logan has brought her strengths in planning, project management, change management and teaching to strengthen the organization’s cornerstone program, the Giving Project. She has also been active within the National Giving Project Network, a collaborative of 11 social justice organizatons across the country advancing political education, donor organizing and movement building. 

One of her most notable achievements was the curating, co-editing and publishing of the book, “Black Girl Civics.” By incorporating intersecting identities of race, gender and age, Logan and her co-editor and authors have reframed these issues from overlooking and minimizing Black girls and women to centering them. In doing so she is challenging educators, youth development professionals and policy makers to consider how to improve civic education not only for Black girls, but any marginalized community.  

Erin Beffa, 36

Threat Intelligence Practice Lead, Digital Silence | Denver 

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Erin Beffa, Threat Intelligence Practice Lead at Digital Silence

Working as a one-woman department, Erin Beffa created an open-source intelligence (OSINT) practice at Digital Silence from scratch, bringing external security intelligence to information security clients.  

Beffa works one-on-one with clients to ensure online security. This includes clients in the legal field, whom she helps with case matters such as legal and plaintiff discovery. Beffa also has worked several financial cases to untangle account ownerships, business registrations, asset identification, cryptocurrency research and theft.  

Beffa was accepted to teach a workshop at this year’s National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) conference in Phoenix. This provides an opportunity to present OSINT methods and techniques to the legal field, specifically to help paralegals.  

In 2018, Beffa earned a lifetime pass to the NOLA security conference in New Orleans, also known as a black badge, after her team won a Capture the Flag-style competition. The competition consisted of hunting down specific clues (flags) online using OSINT methodology. These competitions require a wide OSINT skill set to enable participants to investigate all corners of the internet to solve the clues provided.  

Beffa laso has contributed intelligence found online to law enforcement case files. This involves finding specific details regarding missing persons and providing that data to law enforcement. She is also an active participant in several online communities sharing tips and resources with fellow OSINT researchers.  

Beffa volunteers for the Innocent Lives Foundation (ILF), a nonprofit working to identify online child predators and bring them to justice. Many online predators use fake personas; Beffa and other ILF volunteers work to un-mask these predators. The work helps to stop child predators before any victims are hurt. 

Beffa has been invited as a guest lecturer at Washington University in St. Louis to speak with law students on the advantages of using OSINT (open-source intelligence).   

Victoria Donovan, 29  

CEO, Clinically Media | Denver

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Victoria Donovan, CEO of Clinically Media

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, only 25% to 30% of drugs in clinical trials make it past Phase 3. A University of Pennsylvania study concluded that around 86% of clinical trials do not reach their patient enrollment timelines. 

Victoria Donovan established Clinically Media to improve these numbers; she’s also redefining what it means to recruit and retain patients for clinical trials. Her Clinically Media team seeks to advance medicine and improve patient outcomes, while bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of clinical research and streamlining processes with cutting-edge technology. 

Clinically Media recognizes the historical exclusion of marginalized communities and strives to break down the systemic barriers still present. For example, Donovan established a partnership with Uber Health to provide transportation to and from clinical trials to increase accessibility for all patients. 

To address the challenge of tracking patients in clinical trials, Donovan launched Clinically Portal, a proprietary software designed to help research sites track patients as they move through the enrollment process, while giving the Clinically Media team and clients valuable insights into recruitment campaign success. Donovan is continually evolving the software and services Clinically Media offers to provide the most valuable product to patients and industry professionals, leading to more medical advancements and more patients served. 

Through her company, Donovan supports women in business and the life sciences and promotes diversity in clinical research and beyond. She also started an internship program with University of Colorado Denver, CU Boulder and University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to invest in young professionals in the life sciences industry.  

Bobby W. Dishell, 29 

Associate Attorney, Moye White LLP | Denver

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Bobby W. Dishell, Associate Attorney at Moye White LLP

At just 29 and barely two years out of law school, Bobby Dishell is a publicly elected official with an active practice at a well-respected law firm. 

As a member of Moye White’s real estate team, Dishell focuses on real estate transactional matters, including industrial acquisition, development, leasing and disposition; commercial lease agreements; and multifamily assets. He also assists clients with solar leasing and development and other advanced energy matters. 

Dishell also is a member of the Regional Transportation District’s board of directors for District D. In this  elected position, he serves as vice chair of the Performance Committee, which oversees RTD’s GM/CEO evaluation. He also serves on the Ad Hoc Audit Committee, which is tasked with reforming RTD’s internal audit committee structure and overall internal audit process. 

Dishell spends about 40 hours a month tending to RTD-specific work, attending meetings and preparing for upcoming projects, in addition to his legal practice and community involvement. The RTD board position has also allowed him to develop expertise in areas important to his legal practice, including requirements related to federal funding, the impact of TABOR on the ability to increase revenue, and other public finance and general board governance matters.  

Dishell writes frequently on sustainability – he’s currently focused on solar power – and how it can impact the real estate industry; his work has been featured in Law Week Colorado and ColoradoBiz