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Colorado Companies to Watch 2021: The Communicators & Educators



Understanding potential problems and opportunities for adaptation before companies even know what is wrong is what Stream specializes in. Stream is the best-in-class, enterprise-grade chat and activity feed provider that serves more than a billion end-users. Creating application programming interfaces that are easily integrated by developers allows Stream to stay ahead of the game and create solutions when problems do arise.

The marquee solution that Stream provides is its Stream Chat. This chat service has become inherently valuable as online operations have broadened to include employees’ remote environments, and the service is being utilized in health care, education and live events. In 2020, revenue from the Stream Chat grew by 500%. Stream also likes to support tech companies that are starting up themselves by way of its Maker Account. This provides those that qualify with free access to Stream technology to use as they start their own journey in the tech world.

The company’s clientele base ranges from sports to social media to pages that showcase upcoming events. The chat itself allows for an easily accessible news feed that is maintenance-free, allowing you to talk to your co-workers about business rather than why your chat isn’t working.

Sports VTS

Colorado Springs

As players and coaches adapt to technological advancements, the ways that players train and the analytics available to them seem to be endless. Sports VTS aims to be at the forefront of this change as it looks to help players simulate actual game play to get the most out of their training, without any of the physical risk. Sports VTS develops proprietary technology that creates mixed reality football simulators for professional training and fan entertainment. “As we inch nearer daily to a world where fully immersive simulation is a standard for entertainment, we are on the front lines pushing technologies to do things that we only before imagined in movies,” said Mike Wagle, the company’s CEO.

The company’s Quarterback Simulator allows a quarterback to train by passing a real football in a mixed reality environment and provides real-time performance data. But Sports VTS is not just developing technology for athletes. Its program Monday Morning Quarterback takes a football approach to what customers have loved about screen golf. Using a real ball, 360-degree immersion and realistic visuals, customers can take part in a two-minute drill, a game-like offensive drive, or a skills challenge, in order to test their abilities.

GROWL Agency

Grand Junction

Growth sometimes requires a relocation for new opportunities to be realized. For the GROWL Agency, this meant uprooting from Denver to move to Grand Junction. Not only wanting to capitalize on a growing economy in Western Colorado, GROWL wanted to become a key member of the community that was able to provide employment opportunities for the people of Grand Junction. GROWL emphasized technology early in its history, and it has continued to grow as a technological marketing firm.

What sets GROWL apart from competitors is its willingness to evolve, adapt and partner with other leaders in the marketing industry. “GROWL’s technology-solution partnerships with HubSpot and Sprout Social give our team the ability to become certified experts, technology consultants, and impressive strategists, giving GROWL a robust competitive advantage,” a company spokesperson said. “As GROWL has grown, we’ve prioritized tech as a tool.”