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5 ways to go global with your online event


As online technology and virtual events have become more prevalent, the careful planning required to organize any event has also increased.

Nowadays, there are even hundreds of people in various locations who can participate remotely.

In order for a business or organization hosting an event to be successful it is important that they pay close attention not only to their promotional efforts but all aspects of the event itself from venue selection through logistics management.  

The internet is a vast and noisy place. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but it has never been easier with targeted advertising strategies for virtual events hosted on online platforms like Eventbrite.

Here are some simple steps that can help you promote your event so global attendees register, tune in, and participate.  

The right event for your consumers   

When thinking about an event for your company, be sure to consider what you want and not just new business. Why? This is because it can cause you to neglect the needs of potential consumers or others who attend these events as well! Think about things they would enjoy instead such as providing them with valuable information that those in attendance are likely unaware of. 

Give Tickets Away 

If you’re organizing an online event, consider giving away complimentary tickets. You’ll accomplish three things at once: Interest people in the activities of your game or contest by sparking their curiosity; encourage friends and colleagues to enter it together with them; and collect contact information for attendees so that they can be promptly notified when events are organized. 

 Create the Best Registration Page  

Your registration page should be the gateway to an enriching experience. Visual content can help with all that you need, including information retention and traffic generation, so make sure your website is enticing and clear! Make form fields as simple (or easier) than you could possibly get them; nobody has ever made a mistake by reducing hoops required for registering for something. 

The Best Marketing Strategies  

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach out and contact potential event attendees. This can be done by emailing your entire list or a specific segment with information about your upcoming event, or partnering up with other businesses that have large email lists for promotion purposes!

For example, if you happen to publish a weekly newsletter which is an excellent way to stay in touch with customers: why not use it as another tool for promoting events online? Email marketing is a powerful way to keep in touch with customers by sending information about your event or partnering up with other companies who have large email lists.

Imagine if you publish a newsletter, which would be an excellent tool for staying connected and promoting online events on the regular!  

Text campaigns are the unseen powerhouses of online marketing. They outperform email in terms of open rates and they’re also a great way to promote virtual events like website launches or product releases, especially when you take into account how much time we spend on our mobile devices these days.

For companies looking to market themselves through a cost-effective, easy way SMS marketing is the answer. With near perfect open rates of 98%, it has an undeniable visibility and readability that other competitors do not have. The short format allows for your company’s most critical keywords in its message which makes it effective at directing attention from whoever you are trying to reach. 

Promote Your Event  

There are numerous ways to advertise your webinar, but they will take time. Plan accordingly so you can see all of the channels in action and continue getting new participants! The best marketing campaigns begin early, working off of the cheapest channels to launch a campaign four weeks before an event. Utilizing more expensive paid channels is less desirable and often not worth it until closer to your big day. 

 Advertising is just one way to promote an event. Think about other ways you can create buzz, like offering giveaways on your social media channels and partnering with influencers who advertise for a living. “Think beyond advertising” may sound too promotional at first but remember that there are many more avenues than traditional ads when it comes to promoting events! 

Your materials should be engaging. They need to pique people’s interest and convince them that your event is the best place for whatever they want to learn or do. To keep your attendees’ attention, you will need to translate into different languages. You can seek professional help from platforms such as InterpretCloud that can remotely translate for events and ensure everyone understands what is going on. 

Stay online for the event, answer any questions that come up, and get feedback from other attendees to build new relationships. Did you ever host a successful online event? Like, one where everyone showed up and it was awesome? I’m genuinely interested in hearing about it.