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A Guide for First-Time Colorado Homeowners Moving to Our Rocky Mountain State

The current population in the state of Colorado stands at 5.8 million residents, making this an all-time high since more than 1.5 million people have moved to the state in the past 20 years. Colorado continues to attract new residents, and you should consider a few things before moving. 

What should you know when moving to Colorado? 

Colorado is a swing state.

Because Colorado is a swing state, its inhabitants get plenty of attention every election to help decide the president. If you are moving to Colorado from a town that leans heavily to the left or right, you might not be accustomed to being flooded with phone calls, ads, and knocks on your door due to political campaigns. 

Marijuana culture is the norm.

Depending on which city you choose to live in, the buying and selling of marijuana is quite an everyday occurrence. Since the plant was legalized, the state’s weed culture has flourished. Your friends, neighbors, and family will likely purchase the herb regularly and even offer it to you. So before you move to Colorado, expect to smell weed being routinely smoked. 

Another unique element to relocating to Colorado is its breathtaking neighborhoods and Surroundings.

The elevation and neighborhood dynamics are amazing. Living in Colorado will expose you to different cultures amidst different elevations and proximity to the mountains. For example, if you move to Burlington or Julesburg on the Eastern plains, you should expect to experience warmer and more humid atmospheric conditions. However, if you move to Glenwood Springs or Gunnison, you will experience the opposite since various parts of the state are at different elevations. 

Be mindful of your budget.

Before you relocate to the state, you need to know what type of neighborhood you are looking for and align this with your budget. While it is widely known that living in Colorado is not a cheap undertaking, certain neighborhoods are more accessible. 

How to make moving easier when heading to Colorado 

So you have finally settled on Colorado as your next home! This is a great choice and certainly a big deal. As you plan your move, you can make the whole process easier by: 

Updating your license, registration, and vehicle titles.

When you move, update these details to match your new address and state. Next, you should find car insurance in Colorado and acquire proof of insurance in the state, as this will allow you to register your vehicle there. 

Find a trustworthy real estate agent.

This will help you find exactly what you are looking for, as the market is flooded with all housing options. The realtor will bring in their expertise and help you find the right fit for you that meets your budget requirements. An experienced realtor will be able to shortlist properties for you based on what it is you are looking for. If you buy a home without a realtor, you will be forced to go through all the housing options yourself, and you can imagine how this will be a time-consuming task. 

What items to have on hand at all times in Colorado 

To thrive in the state of Colorado, you will need to be prepared for all the different conditions it offers. The following items are thus a must-have if you are considering a move to the state: 


The Colorado climate is definitely arid. When you are planning to relocate to this otherwise beautiful state, you will want to add a humidifier or even two to your list of essential items. Running your humidifiers will, in the long run, save you from experiencing the side effects of dry skin. 

Outdoor gear.

In Colorado, every resident enjoys a bit of outdoor adventure no matter what the season is! You can enjoy activities like hiking, running, biking, and skiing throughout the year. To avoid missing out on all the fun, add outdoor gear to your propriety list before making a move. 

Snow shovels, snow melt, and ice scrapers.

The winter in Colorado brings thick layers of snowfall, which can affect your daily life. This is why every homeowner in Colorado should have these materials readily available. 

Fun activities that are exclusively in Colorado 

There is no shortage of fun activities to indulge in as a resident of Colorado. Though the list is quite expansive, here are just a few unique attractions. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Located just 15 miles from Denver, this is a naturally formed amphitheater that has been used for ages dating as far back as the Ute tribe. 

Mesa Verde National Park.

This stunning park has preserved Puebloan cliff dwellings and is a must-see if you love history. 


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