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Jordan Deifik’s coworking space and mentoring program for Colorado attorneys

Jordan Deifik, 38

Owner, LawBank | Denver

Jordan Deifik lives by the words his father taught him: Know what you know—and what you don’t. Be true to thyself. And be the best you can be.

Whether running a business, mentoring other professionals, or working within the community, these sayings are the cornerstone of all I do,” he says.

As the co-founder of LawBank, the largest and first-ever coworking space for attorneys in Colorado, Deifik has brought together more than 115 lawyers from diverse backgrounds and experience. LawBank initiated and created the first-ever Mentoring Circle group for solo and small law firm attorneys through the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program supported by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Deifik plans to expand into Las Vegas and Chicago and to partner with larger law firms to fill their vacant space through subleasing arrangements with smaller firms. He also is developing a collaborative marketing agency for small law firms. 

He has managed billions of dollars of assets, created millions of square feet of business property, and developed an entirely new type of coworking space for attorneys that is fostering a fresh, collaborative approach to law nationwide,” business partner Jay Kamlet says. And he is just getting started.”

His No. 1 goal: Excellence — to be the best I can be at whatever I choose to pursue.”

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