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Joshua Jones hired as Career Navigation Manager at Emily Griffith Technical College

Throughout the pandemic, Emily Griffith Technical College has made updates and changes to its processes to take the school successfully into the future. The latest update is a new admissions intake model and student lifecycle systems to help students successfully navigate their schooling, education and career. To support this process and oversee the new department, the school has hired Joshua Jones as the Career Navigation Manager.

“We are excited for this new intake process because of the benefits it provides our students,” said Keo Frazier, Vice President of Communications and Engagement, senior lead over the Student Navigation Center at Emily Griffith Technical College. “One of the most vital ways to keep a student on track for the entirety of their education into their career path is to engage with them from the minute they express an interest in our school. This new process will provide much needed support for our students that is unique to each person.”

The student intake process starts with recruitment and marketing to ensure the community knows about the school’s programs and educational opportunities. Next, the Student Navigation Center takes over engaging future students who express interest in a career that starts at Emily Griffith. 

New Career Navigators in the Center will help students choose a career path and a program within that path. The Career Navigators will help students who want to focus on one of the following six career paths: Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship, Health and Wellness, Service Industries, Information Technology and Computer Science, Business and Office Professionals, and English and Immigrant Services.  

Members of the Concierge team will welcome students by answering questions and fielding emails to direct current and future students to the right people and resources; and support them through their education and career placement. 

Once students have chosen a career path and are in their selected program, they work directly with their instructors to complete their academic work. Students will also work with Career Coaches that are associated with each college and help students during their time in class and connect them with career and job opportunities once they complete their program. 

To support the new process, the school has hired Joshua Jones as the Career Navigation Manager. Jones has been involved in higher education for nearly 15 years and worked at Elsmere Education as the Director of Enrollment Services, and at The Art Institute of Colorado as Senior Director of Admissions. “My passion lies in guiding students throughout their educational journeys and ultimately reaching milestones,” said Jones. “I’m excited to help lead the way to student success through our Career Navigation Center.” 

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