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Julia Marvin is committed to making her city a better place

Julia Marvin, 34

Thornton City Councilor

When Julia Marvin faces a tough choice, she asks herself a few tough questions: Can I sleep at night with the decision I made? Can I back up my choice with evidence and solid reasoning? Is it true to my values and beliefs? Have I put in my best effort? Is this as close to a win-win as it can be?

When I can answer yes to those questions, then its easier to have peace and face whatever comes next,” Thorntons youngest city councilor says. And if the answer to some of them is no, then its an opportunity to reflect on what went well, what didnt and how I can do better next time.”

Marvin has fought to bring more transparency to council and city processes, advocated for using CARES Act funding to help the most vulnerable residents, and fought for policies to support working families. Last summer, she helped launch a city council committee focused on equity in police oversight, transportation, communications and amenities.

Julia is truly committed to making her city a better place,” friend Dan Pinkston says. She is always willing to talk with people and hear their stories and concerns.”

Her No. 1 goal: To advocate for policies with tangible outcomes that will help working families thrive and leave Thornton a better place than when I began.”

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