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GenXYZ 2023 — Michael Sutton

They’re uncommon achievers, whether as entrepreneurs, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, visionaries critical to their companies’ success or, in some cases, all of those roles. This year’s Top 25 Young Professionals figure to continue making a difference professionally and in their communities for years to come.

Read on to learn about the 2023 Top 25 Young Professionals and to see the list of this year’s top 50 finalists.

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Michael Sutton, 38

Owner & CEO, Kind Home Solutions | Englewood

Michael Sutton’s concern over seedy contractors taking advantage of employees and clients led him to create the home improvement company Kind Home Solutions. 

Sutton has created a culture of respect within the company where all roles are valued and appreciated. He puts the mental and physical health of team members above all else. A monthly wellness program reimburses employee activities that support mental health, such as counseling, therapy, gym memberships or anything that brings them joy. 

In addition to his dedication to his employees, Sutton has invested in creating a seamless experience for clients by connecting platforms that provide a transparent, honest and predictable experience.

He’s creating a bidding software he believes will revolutionize the painting industry by standardizing how to estimate everything that goes into residential interior and exterior painting projects. The software does takeoffs for all materials and creates detailed work orders for painters while standardizing margins so clients receive a fair and consistent quote on their projects in minutes.

He also provides 30 days of paid time off to all employees, zero-dollar deductible health insurance and a 4% 401(k) match. 

Because he understands that painting homes can be the foundation of change for both a family and a community, he has donated free exterior paint jobs valued at more than $100,000 to families in need. He also works with multiple business groups and meets with other business owners to help them grow their companies. 

Sutton’s goal is to create a company where people love their jobs and have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of people they interact with.