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Don’t Get Left Behind — Top 8 Social Media Trends for 2023 

If you want your business to succeed, it’s critical to keep up with the most recent trends in social media, which are constantly changing. Here are the top 8 social media trends that you should be aware of for 2023.

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The creator economy will keep expanding

The Creator Economy is a term used to describe the rapidly growing population of independent creators and entrepreneurs aiming to create unique products and services and monetize their creative passions.

Creators can shape their own futures by engaging in activities such as fashion design, art curation, writing books, launching podcasts and launching a travel blog. Ultimately, the Creator Economy encourages individuals to blaze their trails, express themselves creatively and find success within an increasingly diverse economy.

The rise of AI

Thanks to AI, quickly finding information, breaking down data easily, automating simple tasks and providing faster access to digital services are just a few clicks away.

The opportunities created by the rapid progress of AI seem limitless, making it an exciting time for all. Copy generators such as Chat GPT and are also gaining popularity among brands and creators to assist them in creating outlines or ideas for written content.

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Less linearity in storytelling

The concept of telling a story mid-way through rather than at the beginning has been growing in popularity since 2022 and looks set to become even more widespread in 2023.

After all, what better way to spark conversation and send a message than by using surprise and intrigue? Even if people don’t know the full story, they can’t resist trying to find out how it ends!

This also encourages viewers to seek out further pieces from you or your brand as they feel invested in discovering the truth.

Exciting brand activations in the Metaverse

As metaverse and augmented reality (AR) technology continues to advance, marketers are looking to the future of social media with increasing investment into metaverse brand activations.

Many anticipate over a quarter of marketing budgets will go into this social strategy in the coming years, setting the stage for an exciting 2023 when many can benefit from what’s already been discovered by early adopters.

The rise of linkedIn creators

Did you know that LinkedIn is older than Facebook? The reason it is on our list of social media trends to watch in 2023 is because of organic engagement.

LinkedIn creators are leveraging the platform to build their brand with quality content. Some users are taking it a step further by enlisting the help of ghostwriters.

This shows dedication to their work and passion for success. It’s easy to forget LinkedIn if you haven’t paid any attention to it in a while, but it’s becoming a must-use for networking and learning about industry trends.

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Content that is “edutaining” will prevail

Today, adults can enjoy educational entertainment. Only a few niche industries have recognized the value of producing entertaining, educational content. Everyone will participate in the fun in 2023.

Educational content like fun facts, tutorials and explainers wrap up information in smaller, more digestible pieces that can captivate viewers and offer them new learnings or perspectives.

The focus is on SEO and keyword search

Optimizing posts with keywords is necessary to ensure visibility in the digital age. Yes, Gen Z heavily relies on TikTok and Instagram for search queries, but Google should still be considered an important source for searches.

Our overall approach to seeking out useful knowledge at an authoritative level has changed — users want to dive into curated and unique experiences, with more of an exploration mindset than ever before.

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The upcoming social media trend is employee advocacy

Social media trends for 2023 are poised to be dominated by employee advocacy. Employee advocacy involves promoting a brand or product through their personal social media pages and accounts.

Companies can benefit from increased brand awareness, improved customer communication and more effective marketing by having employees engage in employee advocacy on social media.

The bottom line

The social media trends for 2023 will feature ever-evolving platforms, a focus on SEO and keyword searches and an emphasis on edutaining content. Additionally, brands should not ignore the potential of employee advocacy and leveraging LinkedIn for networking.

As the digital space continues to change and evolve, marketers must stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive and successful. By embracing these trends, companies can set themselves up for success in 2023.


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