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Local Dental Office Addresses the Special Needs Community

Meet Lakeside Kids & Special Needs Dentistry. They love working with children, and their staff puts an extra focus on those that need additional care.  

They know that children with special needs often have a hard time getting the dental treatment needed at a standard pediatric dental office. Traditional offices aren’t typically set up to accommodate those with sensory issues, power-assisted wheelchairs, and the variety of challenges stemming from bright lights and scary-looking dental equipment. Lakeside is able to meet all of those needs and also offers anesthesia for those that simply won’t tolerate a dental visit at all. 

Dr. Shaheen Moezzi’s passion is working with children, in particular those with special needs. Together with a team of pediatric dentists and staff, he makes sure that the every family who walks through the door feels at ease. To the parents of toddlers, he recommends scheduling the baby’s first dental visit BEFORE their first tooth comes in. “The first visit to the dentist should be fun and happen before there are any problems.” Dr. Moezzi explains, “If we can get them in early, we can establish a good relationship and the child will grow up with great oral hygiene habits.”  

Lakeside Kids & Special Needs Dentistry initially opened its doors in March 2019. Soon after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and they had to minimize their hours. Since then, they’ve slowly added to their schedule and are now officially fully reopened as of July 2022. 

They are so happy to be in our community and want to officially celebrate their Grand Opening on Tuesday, August 23 with all of you. The celebration will include some dental giveaways and take place from 1pm to 2pm. The neighboring community is invited to attend as well. The Town of Mountain View Mayor, Emilie Mitcham, and the council members will also be joining us for a Ribbon Cutting and light lunch after the opening ceremony.

Lakeside Kids & Special Needs Dentistry is located at 5600 W. 44th Ave. Denver, CO 80212. Please join us if you’re in the area and be in our history-making Ribbon Cutting photo!


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