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Colorado Companies to Watch 2022: The Organizers 

Since 2009, the Colorado Companies to Watch program has sought to recognize second-stage enterprises from around the state. These companies often fly under the radar of awards programs of this type, yet they play an enormous role in fueling Colorado’s economy.

From an economic-development perspective, the importance of recognizing second-stage companies — those beyond the startup stage but still developing — is obvious: As these companies grow, not only do they employ an increasing number of people, which benefits their local economies and quality of life; they also create a need for outside services, and thus opportunity for other businesses, from restaurants to accounting firms to pet boarders, to flourish. The ripple effect on the economy is sizable, to say the least.

This year, more than 1,100 companies from industries ranging from biosciences to fitness to food and beverage submitted nominations. A judging panel made up of business and economic-development leaders throughout the state whittled those candidates down to the finalists, and finally to this year’s select cast of 47 Colorado Companies to Watch winners.

Read on to learn more about our favorite Colorado Organizers.

Edison Interactive 


Jeremy Ostermiller Headshot
Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of Edison Interactive

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Jeremy Ostermiller and Nick Stanitz-Harper in 2016, Edison Interactive has developed a cloud-based content management system for connected devices that allows brands to manage, optimize and monetize their network of screens across the globe. 

Dubbed the Edison Launch Pad, the system allows businesses to incorporate the platform on any type of screen or device in any location. Screens can be completely customized and branded in a manner that enhances the end-user experience while providing real-time data and analytics to the company.  

Edison’s digital out-of-home advertising opportunities allow brands, even those with limited ad budgets, to connect to consumers in more meaningful ways and in previously hard-to-reach places like golf courses, hotel rooms, rental vehicles and more. 

In 2021, Edison ranked No. 144 on Inc. 500’s list of fastest-growing private companies, and in the past three years revenue has skyrocketed 4,000%. Understandably, Edison plans to increase its workforce, from 27 employees in 2021 to a projected 65 this year. 

Such rapid growth presents challenges, including staff recruitment. Edison aims to provide a company culture that not only recruits quality employees, but retains them through new benefits added annually and opportunities for employees to grow their skills within the company. 

Orderly Health 


Orderly Health
Orderly Health Team Photo

Orderly Health is revolutionizing data management in the health care industry through its suite of application programming interface (API) tools. 

The company migrates provider data management to the cloud, cleans and maintains the data using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and makes the data accessible through a suite of APIs that allow for seamless integrations for payers, health systems and health services organizations. 

The company integrates its customers’ data into its proprietary database and leverages its network and cloud system to identify erroneous data. Orderly says the ecosystem it’s building will remove billions of dollars of waste from the healthcare industry.  

“Our greatest strength is around our expertise related to data science and data management,” says Kevin Krauth, the company’s CEO. 

The company’s Roster Automation Suite (RAS) creates an incentive for large commercial payers and providers to share detailed data on the providers in their network with Orderly, which creates network effects and a closed-feedback loop to continually improve the data it stores in its National Provider Directory. 

“Coupled together, these two offerings form the basis of a provider data platform that will improve efficiency and accuracy across the entire healthcare data ecosystem and enable a number of tools that will increase access to all individuals for the best, highest quality and lowest cost care from the best providers,” Krauth says. 


Fort Collins 

TurboTenant Team Photo

From screening tenants to creating lease agreements and collecting rent, owning investment property takes a lot of work, one Fort Collins company is making the job easier for independent landlords.  

TurboTenant’s free, all-in-one property management software provides online tools to help independent landlords run their business. The platform lets landlords screen tenants, accept rental applications online, collect rent, create lease agreements and track expenses.  It doesn’t provide general property or listing search capabilities on its website. 

TurboTenants main suite of features is free, but additional services like state-specific leases and document e-signing are optional and may incur a small fee. Users also have the option to sign up for the premium package for $4.92 per month or $59 a year. 

“Our mission at TurboTenant is to empower independent landlords to create welcoming rental experiences through positive interactions with their tenants,” says Taylor Marley, the company’s marketing operations manager. “We know that a great home can make a life-changing difference in a renter’s life and that great landlords will make great tenants.”  

TurboTenant, which has 38 employees, works with more than 400,000 landlords and 12 million renters in all 50 states. Most TurboTenant users have between one and 50 units. 

“We are excited to expand our capabilities by growing the TurboTenant team this year so we can continue to serve more independent landlords and their renters,” Marley says.