GenXYZ 2023 — Taylor Dilk

They’re uncommon achievers, whether as entrepreneurs, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, visionaries critical to their companies’ success or, in some cases, all of those roles. This year’s Top 25 Young Professionals figure to continue making a difference professionally and in their communities for years to come.

Read on to learn about the 2023 Top 25 Young Professionals and to see the list of this year’s top 50 finalists.

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Taylor Dilk, 30

 Co-Founder & CEO, Vitality | Denver

Taylor Dilk and her co-founders all left their jobs and self-funded Vitality, a multimillion-dollar fitness apparel brand for people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. 

Dilk, her sister Chloe Chamberlain and her husband, Steve Dilk, set out to create apparel that flatters a woman’s curves, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Everything about the business they built is self-taught, with the co-founders learning as they go. 

As business owners who are 30 and younger, Dilk and her co-founders aren’t confined by traditional business methods or preconditioned to operate in a conventional way. 

Dilk makes sure giving back is at the forefront of Vitality’s mission. In the last four years, the company has donated more than $450,000 to various initiatives, including civil rights movements, women’s empowerment organizations and COVID relief. The brand also has made more than $400,000 worth of clothing donations, most recently to support Afghan refugees across the U.S. 

Dilk is a member of The Tiffany Circle with the Red Cross. The Tiffany Circle is a community of women leaders who advance the American Red Cross mission through focused investment of time, talent and treasure by engaging and embracing women.

Dilk prides herself on giving her audience an insight into her life through social media, where she has inspired thousands to chase their dreams while pursuing a balanced lifestyle.