Top 5 reasons women make great salespeople

Liz Wendling //August 4, 2010//

Top 5 reasons women make great salespeople

Liz Wendling //August 4, 2010//

Why do so many business women spend more time hoping or praying for sales rather than just learning to sell? Because the mere mention of the word “sales” creates fear and anxiety in the hearts of many!

Countless female business owners dislike selling and don’t realize the importance of honing the skill. When I introduce myself as a sales coach, consultant and trainer, women often say, “I hate selling,” “I’m not good at selling,” or “I don’t need to sell in my business.” They don’t understand that every entrepreneur has to sell, and they must embrace it.

In this fiercely competitive economy, every meeting, sales call and interaction with a potential customer is critical to the success of a business. Women must have strong tools in their toolbox to create a long-term sustainable business.

What women don’t realize is that they were born to sell. Here are five key reasons women make great salespeople:

1. We’re excellent listeners.

Women have a natural ability to listen, which allow us to build trust and gain rapport. Listening for information and clues about the customer – their interest in our products, what’s important to them, stories about their children or hobbies – helps with the selling process. Listen to not only what is said but also what’s not said.

2. We tend to be empathetic.

Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes enables us to discover specific details about the customer and how our product or service can help. We find out what’s most important to our potential customer, how we can solve their problems, and what features and benefits our product delivers to fit their unique needs. Women’s tendency to express their emotions and decode others’ emotions allows us to tune in more to a client’s needs.

3. We have strong women’s intuition.

A women’s intuition is considered her sixth sense. Women tend to depend more on it than men do. Women have gut feelings, great antennas; an inner voice, a little nudge that says whether to move forward and we can sense things about people and predict if a potential customer is a good fit. Tapping into the gift of intuition provides tremendous value in the sales process.

4. We multitask well.

Women are often touted for their multitasking skills. Since we often don’t have the opportunity to do just one thing at a time, we’ve learned to do many. Women can hear several things and have multiple conversations simultaneously. They can juggle complex business tasks, feed a baby and find lost keys – all without skipping a beat.

5. We’re naturally good socializers.

Most women love to socialize, and they excel at building relationships. Women socialize differently than men because we consciously make time to nurture and grow our personal and professional relationships. We’re nurturers by nature, and this gift serves us well in our business.

Women have what it takes to be great at sales! Our strengths, nurturing style, passion and intuition, which were previously discounted in the business world, have now taken hold. We can use our natural talents, combined with a little training, to grow our businesses exponentially.

So, go ahead, ignite your self-confidence and come alive. The only limits to what you can achieve are self-imposed. Go sell!
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