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Top Company 2019: Advertising and Marketing

These three companies are shaking up the world of advertising and marketing

Lisa Ryckman //September 4, 2019//

Top Company 2019: Advertising and Marketing

These three companies are shaking up the world of advertising and marketing

Lisa Ryckman //September 4, 2019//

In its 32nd year, ColoradoBiz's Top Company honors the Colorado companies that have drive, determination, a vision and a plan and are ultimately making the state a better place to live and work. These three companies – one winner and two finalists – represent the 2019 Top Companies in Advertising and Marketing. 




Award-winning agency LRXD excells at the place where happy meets healthy by working with brands that promote wellness and well-being. And the follks who work there are happy, too — they’re just never content, CEO Kelly Reedy says, “because the people we work with aren’t either. Their competitors are constantly trying to one-up them. And to keep that from happening, we have to one-up our business.”

The 52-year-old family agency doesn’t look or feel its age. Now run by the family’s second generation, LRXD partners with premium brands within its verticals of concentration: Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness, Restaurant and Purpose-Driven Brands.

“Lee Reedy, the literal and figurative father of our agency, pretty much invented design in Denver,” Kelly Reedy says. “He had national clients before anyone in this town. He made art a part of every project, because he knew it was better to inspire people than to sell them.”

The company culture is dedicated to its clients and employees, with free snacks, drinks and parking, as well as flexible time off and an in-house fine arts teacher to keep everyone’s creative juices flowing.

The agency’s creativitiy extends to its philanthropic work through its music community, Cadence & Cause, which allows artists and music festivals to donate exclusive tunes, memorabilia and one-of-a-kind experiences with fans, whose purchases then benefit musician-designated chairities. The impact has included enough filters to produce 8.8 million gallons of clean water for people in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti; health services for 1,021 families living in Flint, Michigan; life-saving medication for 995 kids; as well as care for shelter animals, breast-cancer screening, trash clean-up and music education for children in developing countries.


Fireside Production


Fireside Production believes in the celebration of story through powerful videos that produce immediate impact, connect people and change lives. The company delivers a modern storytelling experience for corporate, government and nonprofit clients through its exclusive Focus On You approach to video production, a process refined over the past decade to make the video production itself enjoyable, efficient and affordable and to ensure the finished video meets or exceeds all expectations.

One of the company’s core values is to “Make An Impact,” which it does through a comprehensive strategy of volunteerism, discounted and donated services, championing the work of nonprofit clients and inspiring its team – and others – to give back.  Its quarterly “Fireside Day of Service” has featured partnering with the Arvada Elks Lodge to host a blood drive, raising money and awareness in the fight against blood cancers through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk, and bringing in mental health experts to train Fireside employees to recognize and help people dealing with a mental health crisis.

Amélie Company


Amélie Company has a vision: to make the world a better place while making a buck. The 17-year-old agency takes pride in its ability to make a difference in the way people think, whether it’s about products, their own health, or the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

But they’re more than just do-gooders. They operate with the knowledge that making the world a better place can also make people and businesses exponentially more successful. One key to Amélie’s success is the application of behavior change theory, using market research, observable facts and audience insights to meet people where they are and to affect change by aligning with closely held values.

This model incorporates measurement to track and show progress along the way, not just in media metrics but in attitudes, knowledge and beliefs along the path to behavior change. Each year, the Amélie Company team selects a worthy cause, most recently adopting a horse from the Mile High Rescue, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing horses from neglect, abuse and the slaughterhouse.

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