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Colorado companies – To infinity and beyond

Innovative industries fuel the economy far beyond the state borders

Lisa Ryckman //July 3, 2017//

Colorado companies – To infinity and beyond

Innovative industries fuel the economy far beyond the state borders

Lisa Ryckman //July 3, 2017//

ProStar Geocorp Inc.

The company provides geospatial intelligent software as a service to pipeline and utility industries. 

PIVOTAL MOMENTS: As a trusted tester to Google Maps Engine, a cloud-based mapping solution, ProStar recognized that the project would inevitably fail and decided to develop its own patented cloud and mobile solution, Transparent Earth. In 2015, Google decided to abandon GME, opening the door for ProStar to pick up its clients. 

THE DISRUPTION FACTOR Transparent Earth is the only system on the market that integrates fragmented and disparate asset management systems of record (SOR) into a seamless and interoperable and geospatially intelligent solution. ProStar’s Hybrid cloud and mobile solution leverage patented integration tools, web-enabled services, open technologies and standardized data models to provide unprecedented enterprise interoperability, transparency and geospatial intelligence to any organization.

COMPANY CULTURE: ProStar attracts top talent that thrives under the operating conditions of a startup technology company: fast pace, rapid innovation and constant change. The company encourages open communications, personal and professional growth as well as creativity and collaboration. Pay is twice the region’s average.

GIVING BACK: ProStar participates in CareerWise, which offers apprenticeships to local high school students. It also established a paid internship program with Colorado Mesa University providing on the job advanced technical training.

ON THE HORIZON: After a successful commercialization of its product for the fossil fuel industry, ProStar is now expanding into other vertical markets including municipalities, utilities and engineering/surveying. The company owns 19 patents.  

Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace develops solar-electric aircraft, ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to piloted aircraft for the civil and defense markets.

PIVOTAL MOMENTS: The acceptance of electric vehicles for ground transportation was a game-changer for Bye Aerospace. As recently as 2012, many in the aerospace industry laughed at the concept of electric airplanes. Five years later, there are no more “How long is your extension cord?” jokes.

DEFINING INNOVATION:  Bye Aerospace is the first company to develop an electric airplane targeted toward a specific business market — flight schools. The company has nearly 100 deposits and options for its two-seat electric flight-training airplane, “Sun Flyer.”

THE DISRUPTION FACTOR:  In 2009, Bye Aerospace launched a separate company to develop a small solar-electric drone, called “Silent Falcon.” The company is the first electric airplane company in the world to go into production.

GIVING BACK: The company provides financial and volunteer support to Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum and Kiddie Hawk Academy, as well as internship opportunities each summer to engineering and aviation management students. 

Integrity Communications Solutions Inc. 

Integrity Communications Solutions Inc. provides services support within the Department of Defense (DoD).
DEFINING INNOVATION: The company utilized years of expertise to drive the DoD to understand its need for a rapid decision-making software tool to help with system impacts to military satellite communications.

COMPANY CULTURE: Employees have the opportunity to bank up to 40 overtime hours to use for future time off. Other perks include flex time, company cell phones, 100 percent 401(k) vesting and match and profit-sharing. The company believes in “paying our employees more, charging our customers less and providing the experts in our industry.”

GIVING BACK: The company donates to children’s cancer research and Wounded Warriors. Leading by example, the CEO has served as the assistant fire chief on Tri-County Volunteer Fire Department and now sits on its board of directors; the CFO is an associate pastor; and the CTO supports veteran transition initiatives.

Blue Canyon Technologies

Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT) develops small spacecraft systems designed for high-volume manufacturing.
DEFINING INNOVATION: BCT’s key innovation has been in bringing large satellite performance to the small satellite market. Its focus started with developing new control systems that allow for precision pointing of nano-satellites. Spacecraft that have accurate pointing knowledge and control can take higher resolution pictures, communicate at higher rates, and take more useful planetary science measurements.

THE DISRUPTION FACTOR: BCT’s technology enables small spacecraft to accomplish traditional types of space missions for a fraction of the previous price. They are involved in space projects that are traveling in low Earth orbit, in Geosynchronous Orbit, around the moon, to near-earth asteroids and to Mars. Its employees are involved in revolutionary space missions launching on quicker timescales than have ever been seen in the aerospace market.

COMMUNITY IMPACT: BCT is involved in multiple projects with the University of Colorado-Boulder, including donating technology and engineering support to the Aerospace Department for an interplanetary satellite project.

ON THE HORIZON: BCT’s future growth is largely being driven by commercial and government customers that are pursuing the deployment of large constellations of small spacecraft around the Earth. These constellations will provide new levels of connectivity and more timely remote sensing measurements around the globe.

High Precision Devices Inc. (HPD)

High Precision Devices, Inc. (HPD) designs, manufactures, assembles and tests advanced instruments and research equipment for commercial industry, government laboratories and agencies, and academia.
DEFINING INNOVATION: Innovation at HPD is driven by state-of-the-art scientific research at academic, government and industry labs. It focuses on detailed process definition, design for manufacturing and assembly, and capture and configuration management to ensure effective implementation of technology into new products.

COMPANY CULTURE: “Take your work seriously, maintain a high standard, and take yourself less seriously,” says HPD founder and CEO Bill Hollander. Innovation is embraced and the collaborative environment that is a hallmark for HPD with customers is also encouraged and cultivated internally.

COMMUNITY IMPACT HPD supports scientific and technical education through internships and offering discounts for educational organizations.

ON THE HORIZON: HPD is poised for broad commercial growth in its medical imaging products division and is continually evaluating new markets and opportunities for business growth.