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Industry Trends

Jun 30, 2024

‘Lab-grown’ meat maker hosts Miami tasting party as Florida ban goes into effect

MIAMI (AP) — As Florida ‘s ban on “lab-grown” meat is set to go into effect next week, one manufacturer hosted a last hurrah — at least for now — with a cultivated meat-tasting party in Miami. California-based Upside Foods hosted dozens of guests Thursday evening at a rooftop reception in the city’s[...]

Jun 24, 2024

Can Practical Education Close Colorado’s Skills Gap?

If you’re a Colorado business leader, then you might think we’re stating the obvious: Young Coloradans aren’t always prepared for the jobs that are available today. To close this “skills gaps,” the Colorado Chamber of Commerce partnered with Colorado Succeeds, Colorado Inclusive Economy, Colorado Technology Association[...]

Employee retention strategy programme. Retain, motivate and train
Jun 3, 2024

3 Strategies for Colorado Business Owners to Retain Talent Cost-Effectively

Colorado’s small business landscape is competitive. According to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, there are over 691,000 businesses in the state. While factors like marketing, quality products and services, and transparency are all crucial to success, the bottom line is that your business will only be as great as the people w[...]

The big Stay Concept: Attract Leads And Customers. Capture Business Candidate With Magnet
May 21, 2024

Navigating the ‘Big Stay’: How Businesses Can Attract and Retain Top Talent Amidst Evolving Job Market Dynamics

The Great Resignation, once a hot topic and large concern for employers across the nation, has since evolved into a new era of the ‘Big Stay.’ After the pandemic, employers became increasingly concerned about employee retention and its effect on their overall organization. The Great Resignation encouraged dissatisfie[...]

Bitcoin cryptocurrency coins exchange wallet. Web3.0 blockchain technology graph scene, business finance mining, digital money market. US Dollar currency in mobile phone digital economy adoption.
May 21, 2024

How Web3 Wallets Are Simplifying Crypto Asset Management for the Next Billion Users

Integrating blockchain technology into everyday finance is no longer a futuristic dream — it’s our present reality. Web3 wallets are rapidly evolving to meet the demands of a growing global user base, transforming how we handle money and digital assets. These advancements are crucial in making crypto asset management acc[...]

May 17, 2024

Bike Shops Boomed Early in the Pandemic, But it’s Been a Bumpy Ride Since

In Boulder, Douglas Emerson’s bike shop, University Bicycles, is faring better than most stores, boosted by its location in one of the most popular places to ride bikes in the country. He’s had the shop for 39 years and employs 30 staffers. Like other bike stores, the pandemic spurred a frenzy of bike buying at [&hel[...]

May 15, 2024

Modern safety helmets replace traditional hard hats on construction sites

The traditional hard hat used by the construction industry for decades is being replaced by modern safety helmets.

Career concept about Generational Differences in the Workplace with phrase on the page.
May 9, 2024

Addressing Generational Differences in the Workplace: The Power of Flexibility in Modern Business Culture

Your company name is just a label. Unless it’s backed by a widely recognized reputation, jobseekers won’t care what it is. What people do care about is that you listen to them and understand that the key to their overall wellbeing is, in many cases, flexibility. They want to work for an employer who lets […]

Woman working from home and talking with colleagues online. Woman sitting at desk in room, looking at computer screen. Freelancer or blogger home office concept. Flat Design Vector Illustration
May 3, 2024

Crafting the Ideal Home Office: Insights and Design Strategies from Colorado Executives

In today’s evolving work landscape, the home office has become a cornerstone of productivity for many professionals. While remote work has become the norm, creating a suitable home office space remains essential. Collaborating with executives in Colorado has shed light on the critical features necessary for designing the perfe[...]

Man holding a tablet with tipping screen inside a restaurant.
Apr 23, 2024

Navigating the Impact of Tip Inflation: The Rise of Gratuity Expectations in Colorado and Beyond

For all my life, what with all of the various jobs I have had over the decades, for whatever reason I have never had a job where I received tips, or gratuities, as part of my income. I have been around tipping, of course, as I have had many friends over the years who were […]

Apr 23, 2024

Cyberattacks Are on the Rise, and That Includes Small Businesses. Here’s What You Need to Know

—NEW YORK (AP) — Cyberattacks on businesses are rising, including small businesses. It’s a troubling trend because a breach can be very costly and time-consuming if owners don’t have a plan to deal with one. According to the Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, the median cost per ransomware attack —[...]

Businessman pressing smiley face emoticon on virtual touch screen. Customer service evaluation concept.
Apr 22, 2024

5 Essential Strategies to Enhance Digital Customer Experience for eCommerce Success

If you run an online store, you don’t have the face-to-face opportunity to engage your customers and sell products. Instead, you need to make transactions easy and frictionless. These five digital customer experience strategies will show you how. READ: Unlocking Brand Loyalty — Enhancing Customer Experience in the Digital Ag[...]