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Company Perspectives

Jon Nordmark Headshot
Mar 28, 2024

Good Company: Jon Nordmark and

Nordmark co-founded eBags in 1998 and served as CEO through 2008 and chairman until Samsonite acquired the company in 2017. The company was profitable in 2001 and not only survived the dot-bomb, but thrived to the tune of 29 million bags sold before the acquisition.  For his follow-up act, Nordmark moved into software and artif[...]

Bean Cycle shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Mar 28, 2024

In Fort Collins, Small-Box Mercantile is the Latest in One-Stop Shopping

Along with a rebound in brick-and-mortars, Fort Collins is experiencing an interesting small biz trend as local owners band together to deliver a mercantile shopping experience opposite the big-box variety. 2020 wasn’t exactly the ideal year to takeover Bloom Floral Boutique, but if there was a bright side to doing business du[...]

Nov 13, 2023

Grand Junction’s Diverse Culinary Tapestry: Immigrant-Owned Markets and Ethnic Eateries Transforming Colorado’s Food Scene

When third-generation Japanese-American Carol Leinberger began teaching Japanese and Chinese food cooking classes in 1976, she opened a small grocery store in Grand Junction so her students could access the ingredients she used. Back then you couldn’t find water chestnuts or fresh bean sprouts locally, she recalls.  Interest [...]

Oct 18, 2023

Good Company: Mary Nguyen and the Olive & Finch Collective  

Discover the journey of Mary Nguyen, the Executive Chef and Owner of Olive & Finch, as she shares her path from finance to the culinary world. Get insights into her experiences, challenges, and the evolution of Denver’s dining scene in this exclusive interview. Hometown: Denver  What she’s reading: Mary’s reading [...]

Dec 12, 2022

How the Fort Collins Pig & The Plow Farmstead Bakery Became a Post-COVID Success Story

You may have read the popular Farming Fort Collins Blog turned online farm and ranch directory, turned e-zine, The Pig & The Plow: From the Field, but have you stopped by the Pig & Plow Farmstead Bakery and met the woman behind it all?   Erica Glaze has been busy. After growing up in the fresh, […]

Dec 1, 2022

Colorado Business Owner Shares the Importance of Shopping Locally This Holiday Season

The holiday season goes hand-in-hand with exchanging gifts with loved ones. It’s also an essential time of year for keeping small businesses, like mine, afloat. It’s not only meaningful, but it’s advantageous to support, spotlight, and cherish all small businesses here in Colorado and everywhere because they have great ser[...]

Oct 4, 2022

Good Company: Mike Shand, CEO of Bron Tapes

Mike Shand joined Bron Tapes as a sales representative in San Diego in 2003. The company manufactures, customizes and distributes adhesive tape of all kinds to industries ranging from aerospace to construction to film. Its Killer Red Tape is trademarked as “the world’s best double-sided tape.” The 150-employee business now[...]

Sep 21, 2022

Changing the Plumbing Industry One Stereotype at a Time 

It’s rare for a child to aspire to be a plumber when they grow up. As a famous NFL player once told us, “Plumbing isn’t sexy.” There are many stereotypes that attribute to that train of thought. Whether it’s the idea of working in dirty sewage or the infamous plumber’s crack, young people aren’t enthusiastic [&hell[...]

Jul 25, 2022

Communication is the Key: High 5 Plumbing Explains the Unique Nature of Working with a Spouse

Starting an independent business can be a difficult venture. Along with having the money to fund the project, one must develop a business plan, create working systems, hire employees, convince customers to purchase the product or service, and a multitude of other important business management issues. It is a long and sometimes d[...]

Jul 19, 2022

Good Company: Eric Phillips and his 3E’s Comedy Club

Eric Phillips  Owner of 3E’s Comedy Club  Hometown: Cleveland  What he’s reading: Phillips subscribes to Colorado Springs’ local newspaper, The Gazette, and reads the print edition every morning, along with online trade publications covering the comedy industry.    ColoradoBiz: We’ve got plenty of technical ques[...]


Apr 19, 2022

A Guide to Purchasing Your First Home in Denver

Buying your first home is a terrifying and stressful process. For the first time ever, the price of a home in Denver reached an average of over $700,000. Seeing that many zeroes can be a sobering experience for many buyers, to put it lightly. But finding homes for sale in Denver and surrounding areas is […]


Apr 11, 2022

Let’s Talk about Culture

As business comes roaring back for the hospitality industry in 2022 the need to focus on culture is more important than ever before. The biggest concerns I hear are the ability to retain and attract talent, and the scramble to hire enough team members to keep up with demand. Company culture is essential to combating […]