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Business Insights

Jul 11, 2024

Here’s what you need to know about the NBA’s upcoming 11-year, $76 billion media rights deal

The NBA might not be happy with the NFL making Christmas Day a regular part of its schedule. However, its new media rights deals nearly put the two leagues in the same economic arena. The NBA’s 11-year, $76 billion contract package would kick in with the 2025-26 season. The deal is for the same number […]

Jul 10, 2024

Time to cash in some of your Nvidia chips?

It feels like déjà vu these days. As a professional money manager with 40 years of experience, 2024 reminds me of the year 1999 with all the hype and stock market gains from the internet mania. Back then, the stock market darling was Cisco Systems. Today, it is all about artificial intelligence, or AI, and […]

Jun 16, 2024

Colorado’s growth in property tax revenue: by the numbers

The passage of Amendment B in 2020 repealed the formula that had governed Colorado’s property tax rates for decades. The measure triggered a frenzy of lawmaking activity that has still not settled. So far, efforts to ordain a permanent successor to the Gallagher Amendment have been frustrated by rapidly rising home values, ski[...]

Jun 13, 2024

Denver-Boulder Ranks in Top 25 U.S. Markets Across Three Subsectors of Life Sciences Industry Talent

DALLAS – Denver-Boulder ranks in the top 25 markets for life sciences talent in all three industry segments measured in CBRE’s annual U.S. Life Sciences Talent Trends report. The market ranked 11th for Research and Development talent, while ranking 16th for Manufacturing talent and 18th for Medtech talent. The report, releas[...]

Jun 12, 2024

Future of Elon Musk and Tesla Are on the Line as Shareholders Vote on Massive Pay Package

DETROIT (AP) — If Tesla shareholders vote against restoring Elon Musk’s $44.9 billion pay package Thursday, the CEO could deliver on threats to take artificial intelligence research to one of his other companies. Or he could even walk away. If they approve the all-stock compensation package that was thrown out by a Delaw[...]

Jun 12, 2024

WeWork Has Emerged From Bankruptcy. What’s Next for the Co-Working Office Space Provider?

NEW YORK (AP) — WeWork has officially emerged from bankruptcy. And all eyes are on whether its new leadership can guide the long-embattled provider of co-working office space to success. Once a Wall Street darling promising to revolutionize the world of work, WeWork took a stunning — but anticipated — fall last November wh[...]

Jun 7, 2024

Boulder Built for Remote Work

A recent study has deemed Boulder the best metro area in the country for working remotely, while another Front Range city — Fort Collins — checks in at No. 7 nationally. The study, by Florida-based professional agency directory DesignRush, analyzed housing costs, percentage of remote workers, broadband connections and commut[...]

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Jun 5, 2024

10 Essential Workflow Optimization Tips for Colorado Business Owners

In the competitive arena of today’s business world, staying ahead is not just a goal, but a necessity. Achieving this requires a relentless pursuit of efficiency and productivity. Optimizing your workflow is akin to unlocking hidden doors within your business, revealing paths to growth and success that were previously obsc[...]

Business people greeting smart robot machine in office. AI and humans working together, flat vector illustration. Artificial intelligence and human collaboration, cooperation.
Jun 5, 2024

Addressing Labor Challenges with AI and Automation — Where is the Line?

Colorado business leaders still face persistent labor challenges in 2024. Compared to other states, Colorado’s workforce trends younger and more educated than most, but we also have a gap between the availability of and demand for skilled workers. Automation is an attractive option for many employers to bridge that gap.  READ[...]

Concept of PR Public Relations. Marketing campaign. Announcements through mass media to advertise your business. Management and marketing strategy.
May 30, 2024

Use This 7-Step Guide to Maintain Stakeholder Trust During a PR Crisis

Navigating through a public relations crisis effectively is no easy feat. By following a structured plan, however, you can address the issue head-on, mitigate negative impacts and maintain trust with your stakeholders. To help you draft such a plan, here is a comprehensive crisis-handling guide that outlines essential strategie[...]

May 22, 2024

Average U.S. Vehicle Age Hits Record 12.6 Years

Cars, trucks and SUVs in the U.S. keep getting older, hitting a record average age of 12.6 years in 2024 as people hang on to their vehicles largely because new ones cost so much. S&P Global Mobility, which tracks state vehicle registration data nationwide, said Wednesday that the average vehicle age grew about two months [&[...]

May 16, 2024

How Humanized AI Can Turn Last-Mile Customer Engagement into A Growth Engine

Furniture retailers have been perfecting the in-store experience for decades. The post-purchase last-mile journey, however, has been a far trickier equation to solve.