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Bitcoin cryptocurrency coins exchange wallet. Web3.0 blockchain technology graph scene, business finance mining, digital money market. US Dollar currency in mobile phone digital economy adoption.
May 21, 2024

How Web3 Wallets Are Simplifying Crypto Asset Management for the Next Billion Users

Integrating blockchain technology into everyday finance is no longer a futuristic dream — it’s our present reality. Web3 wallets are rapidly evolving to meet the demands of a growing global user base, transforming how we handle money and digital assets. These advancements are crucial in making crypto asset management acc[...]

Apr 17, 2024

Survey: 37% of Professionals Save 5-10 Hours a Week Using Generative AI Tools

Contentful has released the findings from its inaugural Generative AI Professional Usage and Perception Survey, shedding light on the perceptions, attitudes and usage of generative AI among professionals globally.

Afference black glove on mold of human hand.
Apr 12, 2024

Tech Startup: Afference’s Touch-Sensitive Prosthetics

Afference WHERE: Boulder, CO WEBSITE: FOUNDED: 2022 Initial lightbulb CEO Jacob Segil collaborated on Afference’s underlying technology with co-founder and CSO Dustin Tyler, a professor at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. “We’ve been studying how to restore the sense of touch for people with amputa[...]

Airplane model on the runway and surrounded by hands. Concept of aviation safety, preventive action, security, and insurance.
Apr 4, 2024

4 Ways Colorado Continues to Lead America’s Aerospace Industry

The state’s long legacy as an aerospace hub has provided a launchpad into the new era of commercial space. Many ongoing projects seem to have been lifted straight out of science fiction, from asteroid mining to next-generation space stations to optics that can see the history of the universe.

Jon Nordmark Headshot
Mar 28, 2024

Good Company: Jon Nordmark and

Nordmark co-founded eBags in 1998 and served as CEO through 2008 and chairman until Samsonite acquired the company in 2017. The company was profitable in 2001 and not only survived the dot-bomb, but thrived to the tune of 29 million bags sold before the acquisition.  For his follow-up act, Nordmark moved into software and artif[...]

Mar 21, 2024

Striking Tech Gold in The Rockies: Fueling Innovation and Talent in Denver and Beyond

Every 72 hours a new tech company stakes its claim and opens its doors in Colorado. This impressive statistic signifies more than a booming economy, it demonstrates that Colorado must be offering something more than a thriving job market. What is the allure of the Centennial State to tech giants and ambitious startups? Over the [...]

Mar 14, 2024

Why Robot Can’t Sell: 6 Reasons AI Isn’t Ready to Replace Your Product Writer

Imagine this: You’re browsing for a new pair of running shoes. You come across a product description that reads: “Experience optimal comfort and performance with our revolutionary running shoes! These shoes have premium materials and will propel you to new heights. Order yours today!” Something feels off. Why? [...]

Mar 8, 2024

Top AI Tools for Bloggers in 2024

Are you ready to turbocharge your blogging game and leave your competitors in the digital dust? In the rapidly evolving world of blogging, staying ahead means constantly seeking out the latest and greatest tools.  As we dive into 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as the beacon of innovation, offering solutions that prom[...]

Feb 5, 2024

Cloud-Based CRM: An Essential Tool for Modern Businesses

CRM’s face has changed significantly; what started as simple customer lists now incorporates advanced, cloud-driven tools. Today’s CRM systems, guided by CRM software experts, are game-changers, making it a breeze for companies to connect with their customers through easy access and a suite of powerful tools. Busines[...]

Feb 1, 2024

Top 5 Tech Tools Every Hybrid Team Needs for Effective Collaboration 

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, hybrid teams are becoming increasingly common; these teams, which combine remote and in-office work, require specialized tools and strategies to collaborate effectively. Successful hybrid work environments require the adoption of technologies to ensure that optimal collaboration can [...]

Jan 31, 2024

Scale Your Startup With These Essential Smart Tech Strategies

New business startups in Colorado have many challenges in the modern marketplace. But they have one advantage that older startups don’t have: a plethora of innovative technology that can help build their businesses. There are thousands of cutting-edge tools available, which means the biggest difficulty might be choosing the ri[...]

Jan 30, 2024

Blockchain Technology For Business Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Blockchain technology is making waves beyond its digital currency roots, offering businesses innovative ways to work smarter and safer. Let’s dive into how blockchain can give your business an edge, making things clearer, quicker and more secure across the board. READ: Blockchain Development in Supply Chain Management — [...]