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GenXYZ 2015: Mickki Langston

Margaret Jackson //September 1, 2015//

GenXYZ 2015: Mickki Langston

Margaret Jackson //September 1, 2015//

 The Organizer

Mickki Langston

35 | Executive Director
Mile High Business Alliance

Mickki Langston runs the largest organization of locally owned businesses in Colorado. The group brings together people, institutions and businesses to nurture a thriving and sustainable local economy that fosters a creative culture, wellbeing, equity and freedom. She recently launched, a crowd-funding platform focused on connecting people to projects in their neighborhoods to positively impact their lives. In addition to her position with the alliance, Langston is a member of the Mile High Connects Advisory Council. 

Biggest achievement

Starting the Mile High Business Alliance.

“It’s a challenge to start something new,” Langston says. “It’s completely unpredictable.”

Making an impact

Since Mile High Business Alliance began, more people are supporting local efforts like Marzyk Fine Foods, Tattered Cover and independent music store Twist & Shout.

Role models

Arthur Brock, Mile High Business Alliance co-founder.

Independent women, artists such as Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and American painter Georgia O’Keefe.

Best advice received

Shake hands like you mean it.


Cooking – “kitchen science” (making things like soap and maraschino cherries), video games.