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How to spring clean your mind for more joy and confidence

Now is as good a time as any for valuable reflection to better yourself

Lauren Miller //April 24, 2017//

How to spring clean your mind for more joy and confidence

Now is as good a time as any for valuable reflection to better yourself

Lauren Miller //April 24, 2017//

Perhaps you have heard me mention that you are the landlord of your mind. As we spring into the season of new growth and renewal it is a valuable reflection to pause and wonder how many tenants are we giving free rent to that need to be cleaned out of our mind and habits. 

Want more patience in your life this spring? Evict the tenant that suffers from "not-enough-ness" and lives in the space of entitlement. Replace the large room that impatience took up with the tenants of endurance, humility and temperance.

Want more confidence? Evict the tenant that is addicted to the drug of approval and who feeds on an insatiable desire to hear from others that it is enough in life.

Want more joy? Evict the tenant whose thoughts are focused on self-gratification and fulfillment of its own desires and goals and replace its space with gratitude and service of those in need. For our greatest joy lies in the measure through which we serve.

How about more peace this spring? Evict the tenant who says: "Look at me, look at me, pick me! I need to know how things will turn out." Replace it with the tenant whose mantra is: "I do what I do and forget about it. I go for what I am moved by and then I release the outcome and move onto the next project. I also practice being HERE NOW.

Needing to spring into more fun? Evict the tenant of exactness. You will often hear the voice of this tenant murmuring and judging itself: "I will love and accept myself IF I am perfect." It clings to the caves of your mind, engraved with the program of perfectionism. When you evict this tenant, you open up space to give free rent to spontaneity and playfulness.

What do you want more of this spring? In order to spring into something it is important to spring out of something. Use this as a reflection as you take time to list those things you want to see more of in your life. If it's more connection with the people you love then ask yourself: "What do I need to clean out of my life in order to make room for what I want more of?"

Your greatest source of joy and sorrow exists between your two ears. You are the landlord and it's time for some serious spring-cleaning of your mind. Take back your ability to live your life with intention rather than tension and stress.

I haven chosen to step away from resisting these behaviors in my life that I know when I make the effort to practice them lead to more joy and fulfillment in my life. I am also fasting from negative thinking. How does that work? Well every time a negative thought slithers into my mental radar I simply say: "evict" and replace it with a thought that contains possibility.

My favorite definition of renew is to restore to freshness. Isn't that cool? Restore your mind to freshness this spring as you clean out the old tenants of negative thinking and renew your mind with uplifting and refreshing thoughts and perceptions.

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