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Real Science. Real People. Real Results.
  At age 28, Leah Garcia found herself suffering from an unexpected and sudden onset of Bell's Palsy, which is a weakness of the facial muscles that causes one side of the face to become paralyzed. This condition led to asymmetry, drooping skin and loss of elasticity. It was during this challenging time that Leah set out to live her best life. She went on to race mountain bikes professionally, write two fitness books and inspire others as a spokesperson and award-winning television host. On this journey, she discovered the power of elastin, and as a natural connector, Leah worked with the world's leading pioneer in microbiology to bring a transformative active cosmetic blend to market. Her innovative, female founded brand, NULASTIN(r) for lashes, brows, hair, and skin is on a mission to deliver elastin regeneration to the world. The real result of her products are natural, timeless confidence.


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