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Mother-Daughter duo’s pandemic-born apparel business

Wildonesthreads Owners

Local mother-and-daughter team Nicole and Airlie Locken, age 9, have always shared a passion for creativity, kindness, and hard work. They dreamed of launching a business focused on spreading positivity and authenticity.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close, that dream became a reality and Wild Ones Threads was born.

“We’d always talked about wanting to build something inspirational together,” says Nicole, a seasoned creative director and graphic designer. “When COVID hit, we had more time together as a family and our passion project became a creative outlet to put positivity out into the world.”

Wild Ones Threads offers a variety of apparel and stickers. All of the designs are meant to inspire kids, and their grown ups, with the mantra “BeYou. Stay True. OwnYour Wild.”

Nicole and Airlie brainstorm the designs on early morning walks and sketch them out together. Younger brother Jackson, age 6, is also getting into the action, helping brainstorm and sketch ideas, and lending inspiration to the name.

Final products are printed locally in Denver and the Lockens manage all fulfillment on their own.

“Airlie is involved in every step of the process, from brainstorming, to sketching, to processing orders, and shipping, even going over the books. She is learning what it means to own a business and the dedication and hard work that goes into it. Seeing the passion spark inside her inspires me,” says Nicole, who also owns Nicole Locken Creative, a boutique design agency that specializes in working with other small businesses.

Wild Ones Threads aims to have an even bigger impact on children by donating a portion of their proceeds to Children’s Hospital Colorado to support mental health programs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the mental well being of thousands of children. Airlie specifically chose Children’s Hospital Colorado and hopes any proceeds donated will make accessing mental health care easier for Colorado’s kids.

This holiday season, shop small and think big by supporting Wild Ones Threads.