Changing the Plumbing Industry One Stereotype at a Time 

It’s rare for a child to aspire to be a plumber when they grow up. As a famous NFL player once told us, “Plumbing isn’t sexy.” There are many stereotypes that attribute to that train of thought. Whether it’s the idea of working in dirty sewage or the infamous plumber’s crack, young people aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of being a plumber during their adult years. That’s why as co-owner of High 5 Plumbing, my husband, Levi, and I had to take a step back and analyze what we were doing as a company.  

Eliminating the negative stereotypes of the industry became one of our goals. We realized stepping away from the traditional way of operating in the industry would not only set us apart from the competition, but it would also make us more attractive to the younger generation by building a fun work atmosphere. This was the way we wanted to contribute to the plumbing and home service industries.

Altering the Dress Code 

The first thing we decided to change was the way we dressed. When you think of plumbers, you think of the traditional branded button-up shirt. That was one of the first things to go. While watching a Colorado Rockies game, I decided that a High 5 baseball jersey would be an excellent choice. Now, our technicians have the option to wear the baseball jerseys that sport our logo. In addition, these jerseys have added length to eliminate the terrible plumber’s crack stereotype. This one change has since branched off into an entire High 5 Plumbing clothing line with the proceeds going to charity.  

Building a Fun Atmosphere 

We never wanted High 5 Plumbing to be a place that our employees dreaded coming to each day. The appearance of the building can play a large role in that. To stand apart, we outfitted our building with a playful design that includes anything from graffiti to a basketball court. We also created a brag board, where technicians who have taken a high five photo with customers can post it. We want our employees to be greeted with high energy and a fun atmosphere the moment they walk in the door. 

A Culture of Giving 

Giving back to the community is near and dear to the heart of our company. We wanted to build that into our culture. That’s one of the reasons we decided to create High 5 Cares, which is a program that spotlights nonprofits in the area. We wanted to come together to create a positive impact with not only our team but our clients and community as well. As part of this initiative, we donate a set amount of $500. In addition, the nonprofit receives $10 for every High 5 Club Membership that’s sold during the month and receives 100% of the proceeds from the company’s High 5 clothing line. Our technicians also hand out materials about the nonprofit during service calls. This helps get our technicians interacting with the community on a deeper level than just repairing issues. It’s all about creating that one-on-one relationship with your plumber, which many plumbing companies lack because they stick to the stereotype. 

Changing the Industry 

From changing our dress code to developing a culture that is different than many other home service companies, we work hard to break the stereotypes that haunt the plumbing industry. As a new generation is coming of age, it will be important for them to understand that the plumbing industry can be fun to work in. While working in dirty conditions is part of the job, it’s not the only aspect of the profession. You can have positive interactions with customers, wear awesome uniforms and play a major role in your community. Breaking those stereotypes is what will keep our industry thriving and moving forward. 

Cassi Torres High 5 PlumbingCassi Torres is the co-owner of High 5 Plumbing. High 5 Plumbing is a local, family-owned company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area. With a professional team that has extensive experience and a commitment to service, High 5 Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing, sewer and drain services. 

Communication is the Key: High 5 Plumbing Explains the Unique Nature of Working with a Spouse

Starting an independent business can be a difficult venture. Along with having the money to fund the project, one must develop a business plan, create working systems, hire employees, convince customers to purchase the product or service, and a multitude of other important business management issues. It is a long and sometimes daunting task. 

For some, it becomes a family business that incorporates a husband-wife duo overseeing operations. That is the case when it comes to High 5 Plumbing. The home service company offers a multitude of plumbing solutions to residents in the Denver area, including repair and installation, drain cleaning, pump plumbing, piping, garbage disposal services, sewer line repair, gas plumbing, water heater installation and much more.

The company is led by Levi and Cassi Torres. When running a company with your spouse, keeping a work-life balance can be complicated at times. “Everyone talks about a work-life balance,” said Levi.

“In all reality, when we go home, we are in a different mindset. But we still discuss work. We talk about our plans and the future of the company. The only difference is we don’t go home, open a laptop and start working directly on the business. The balance is we are not working in the company, we are working on the company.” 

When starting a business from the ground up, almost every aspect of the business is discussed daily, according to Cassi. 

“It comes up naturally,” she said. “Our kids have been around the company ever since they were younger. They were always around the business, so it’s just natural for us to discuss it when we are at home. It comes up all the time.” 

The couple, who started High 5 Plumbing in 2012, said there are plenty of advantages of running a business with your spouse. Being able to share a clear vision for the company helps develop a clear company culture. 

“We are the leaders of the company, so our relationship with each other is reflected in the company,” said Cassi. “We have a common vision of where we want the company to go. I think having that vision has allowed us to constantly be understanding of each other. Like four years ago, having a common vision and direction helped us develop a plan to grow the business.” 

Building a successful plumbing company with two locations and plenty of happy customers isn’t simple, even for a happy couple. Levi said the biggest obstacle to success is a lack of communication.  

“It may be a cliché answer, but communication is the answer to a lot of problems,” he said. “If you can communicate how you’re feeling, then you can avoid hurting other people’s feelings. If you can communicate what you want to accomplish, then there won’t be any confusion. Communication is the key.” 

While the couple has been together for 21 years, Cassi said they still use a coach to help them communicate better both inside and outside the office. 

“Levi and I are completely opposite when it comes to our personalities and how we interact with people,” Cassi said. “We’ve had to learn how to respect how each other communicates. Even though we’ve been together more than two decades, we are actively working with a coach on how we can improve our communication skills, build a stronger relationship, and be aligned in the same direction.”   

Both Cassi and Levi agree that getting a mentor is the best thing a couple can do to help run a successful business. Due to the unique nature of running a business together, a coach can help the owners “go through the weeds of it” and come out the other end successfully. 


Cassi Torres High 5 Plumbing
Vice President at High 5 Plumbing, Cassi Torres, and the teams behind High 5 Plumbing are innovating the plumbing industry across Denver.
About High 5 PlumbingFounded in 2012, High 5 Plumbing is a local, family-owned company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area. The company was recently recognized by the Denver Metro Chamber Business Awards as a 2022 finalist for Small Business of the Year.
With a professional team that has extensive experience and a commitment to service, High 5 Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing, sewer, and drain services. The company was built on the values of solving plumbing problems and serving every customer with professionalism and respect. For more information, visit: High 5 Plumbing