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Feeling Stressed? New Challenges Inspire New Hobbies

As we approach year-three of the global pandemic, more and more people are seeking new hobbies and ways to stay active while working from home. For many, juggling work and home life during the pandemic has turned both into stressful environments, and more people than ever are expressing feelings of burnout.

Studies have shown that one of the best and most positive methods to decrease stress is to regularly engage in an enjoyable activity.

And let’s face it — even without a global pandemic, life in the real world is stressful. Whether you work a demanding job or pay attention to politics, and other triggers, odds are good that you have at least one reason to need to blow off some serious steam. In come, hobbies.

Axe Whooping
Axe Whooping, Denver.

Studies have shown that one of the best and most positive methods to decrease stress is to regularly engage in an enjoyable activity. Some people love running or meditation, others complete puzzles or play board games. Throughout the pandemic, hobbies have been an important part of stress regulation, fulfillment, and more. While chucking axes may seem less serene, there are few activities that cut right to the chase.

As the owner of an axe-throwing venue with locations in Denver and Boulder, I’ve witnessed first-hand how this activity has the ability to leave people feeling revitalized.

Rage Room
Rage Room offers an additional space for stress relief activities.

Over the last two years, I’ve worked on revamping the online presence of my business to encourage local residents and visitors to come out and try something new. We started posting Instagram Reels of our staff throwing axes, hoping to show potential customers how they are able to channel their “inner warrior” at our venues. We’ve since featured our customers’ axe-throwing, with some of these videos reaching over 5,000 views. The comments and responses we receive from our community after posting these Reels are always fun and filled with positivity. It’s simple — taking a second to forget about the world around you, in a hobby like axe-throwing, can offer simple, silly, mindless fun.

We all have hobbies we already love — it’s important we take care to maintain them in order to help us through stressful times. As we embrace the new year, whether it’s physical endeavors or bird-watching at the park, we encourage you to embrace new activities and new experiences. Who knows, you might just enjoy something you never thought you would.


Curtis RoundtreeCurtis Roundtree was born and raised in Colorado and is the owner and founder of Axe Whooping – Axe Throwing and Rage Room with a location in Denver and one in Boulder. “I didn’t grow up with much, and it has always been a goal of mine to start a business that would leave a positive impact on the community. I truly believe that this business has created an avenue for people to express themselves, and it has proven to be extremely therapeutic,” says Roundtree. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and directly online, to learn more about new events and specials.

(In-line photos, courtesy of Axe Whooping)