GenXYZ 2023 — Devin Bostick

They’re uncommon achievers, whether as entrepreneurs, CEOs, nonprofit leaders, visionaries critical to their companies’ success or, in some cases, all of those roles. This year’s Top 25 Young Professionals figure to continue making a difference professionally and in their communities for years to come.

Read on to learn about the 2023 Top 25 Young Professionals and to see the list of this year’s top 50 finalists.

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Devin Bostick, 30

Founder and President, Lucky Truck | Boulder

Commercial trucking insurance was a paperwork driven, regulation heavy, bricks and mortar business until Devin Bostick reinvented and disrupted it. Commercial trucking insurance has higher and more complicated risks than conventional auto insurance. Bostick’s company, Lucky Truck, redefined commercial trucking insurance by putting it into a digital format. 

The commercial trucking industry is dominated by small businesses, with owners on the road filling out paperwork that easily gets disorganized. Lucky Truck puts it all on an app where it has 24/7 visibility, saving drivers time and keeping them on the road.

Though he did not have experience as a trucker or as an insurance provider, Bostick started researching business ideas in 2017, looking for something that would change business and provide real value to customers. He saw that the staid, mechanical, agency-based commercial trucking industry was handcuffing the very drivers it insured. He set out to develop technology that could change as fast as the driver’s loads and provide 24/7 visibility for the documentation and proof of coverage truckers need. Bostick launched Lucky Truck in 2019. Then, during the pandemic, he raised $6.5 million, wrote the software and launched the Lucky Truck platform, hired 50 employees and added more than 900 customers.

Bostick teaches entrepreneurship in the College of Media, Communication and Information at University of Colorado Boulder. Instead of textbooks and case studies, students learn from real world examples of startup companies. In addition, he founded an early stage venture capital firm and has made seed investments in 10 startup companies.