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Celebrating 50 Years with ColoradoBiz Magazine — Spring 2023 Print Edition

It’s incredible how quickly time can fly. I know we all felt that way when we paused to reflect on a major milestone accomplished here at ColoradoBiz. This year marks the magazine’s 50th anniversary.

From the day we started — you can ask Pat Wiesner yourself — to today, we remain amazed at the creativity of the Colorado entrepreneur. That includes individuals, young and old(er), startups, CEOs, women in business and especially those who have built family-owned companies and found a way to not only keep it together but keep it in the family.

That’s one of the many reasons our Spring cover story features Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, a concept launched by three brothers back in the ’90s that now boasts franchises nationwide, showing the world how cuts can lead to incredible growth. You’ll learn of a story inspired by a simple dream and smart execution that has grown into 130 barbershops across the country — and counting. It embodies what we love covering here at ColoradoBiz. As a small, family-owned business ourselves, it’s something we can identify with, too.

But we can’t overlook the challenges many businesses and Coloradans continue to face. Especially in affordable housing.

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When we first heard of the campervan craze rolling in, our initial reaction was that it must have emerged out of necessity. An expensive real estate market, coupled with a complex post-pandemic reality, might have forced some to take a hard look at alternative living. Or maybe some recognized that too many weeks out on the road, minus the need to check in to the office physically, negated the need for a traditional home base — or some combination of the two. But after meeting with the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), we learned that many were not only choosing #vanlife but seeking it out. In this case, necessity wasn’t the mother of invention. Move over tiny homes, #vanlife is about to lap you. You’ll see why this new kind of lifestyle and the freedom it can deliver caught our attention on page 34.

Finally, as we look toward the future of business, we find comfort and confidence in the next generation leading the state’s economy, aka. those we refer to as GenXYz. Starting on page 48, our annual list of go-getters, mobilizers and hot shots is something you won’t want to miss. They are some of the most forward-thinking under-40 achievers we know, and they are poised  to make a massive impact in their respective industries and communities – and in some cases, they already have.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special issue; despite the challenges, there is much to celebrate.


Jon Haubert Hb Legacy Media Co 2Jon Haubert is the publisher of ColoradoBiz magazine. Email him at [email protected].