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Top Company 2015: Exclusive Resorts

Winners and finalists in the Tourism & Hospitality category

Lisa Ryckman //September 23, 2015//

Top Company 2015: Exclusive Resorts

Winners and finalists in the Tourism & Hospitality category

Lisa Ryckman //September 23, 2015//

Winner: Tourism & Hospitality

Exclusive Resorts

Three words from them, about them: Forward-thinking. Dedicated. Passionate.

What’s not to love about a vacation? What’s not to love about a company that loves vacations – and loves the people who take them?

Denver-based Exclusive Resorts, started in its founder’s garage in 2003, has become a world leader in the luxury destination club industry, providing more than 20,000 vacations each year to 70 destinations and 275 residences worldwide.

The company, with 180 employees – 145 in Colorado – generated $180 million in revenue last year. But the company considers its biggest competitive edge the dedication and joy its employees bring to creating quality memories for its members, from pre-trip planning with the Exclusive Ambassador to the on-site concierge who delivers on the many promises made.

“Our teams get their psychic salary from creating perfect vacations for all our members and knowing they are succeeding in changing busy people’s lives for the better,” Vice President of Human Resources Jodi Erbe says. “Who doesn’t love a great vacation and to be a part of creating it or experiencing it?”

The secret sauce: “The culture,” Erbe says. “People who love travel have a special characteristic that creates happiness. You put an organization together where everyone loves travel, naturally everyone exudes cheerfulness. It’s hard not to love your job when everyone around you is so infectiously happy doing what they do.”


Sage Hospitality Resources

Founded in 1984, Sage Hospitality has grown into one of the largest privately held hospitality investment, management and development companies in the nation, operating more than 70 premium branded, premier and lifestyle hotels. Its long-standing charitable program, Dollars for Dreams, raises funds for a different nonprofit each quarter. Associates are encouraged to fund-raise and volunteer, sit on boards and attend community events to really get to know their communities.

Christopherson Business Travel

Christopherson Business Travel, a certified woman-owned corporation, is the largest travel agency in the Rocky Mountain region and the 11th largest agency in the nation. Last year, the firm reported a 33 percent year-over-year increase, hitting, for the first time, more than $500 million in annual sales. Christopherson employees are offered the opportunity to “share the wealth” by donating a portion of their salary, which the company matches two-to-one. In 2014, the Christopherson team collectively donated more than $100,000 to CHOICE Humanitarian’s efforts to end extreme poverty.