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2013 Top Company winner: GroundFloor Media

Gigi Sukin //November 12, 2013//

2013 Top Company winner: GroundFloor Media

Gigi Sukin //November 12, 2013//


GROUNDFLOOR MEDIA (Watch a video about GroundFloor.)

In the August 2013 issue of Outside magazine, GroundFloor Media, the Denver-based marketing communications firm, was named the No. 1 Best Place to Work of 100 national finalists.

It should come as no surprise that GroundFloor tops such a list. Mindful of the evolving work force, the firm celebrates and strives for healthy and innovative work-life balance strategies.

“Depression-era folks worked for survival; baby boomers worked to be secure and make money, but they wanted something better for their kids. Those parents started telling their kids, ‘You can be whatever you set your mind to, so don’t settle,’” said Ramonna Robinson, GroundFloor’s president. “With the way things work now, it is so hard to separate life and work. We take that into account and are flexible, respectful and trusting of our team members.”

At GroundFloor, employees are expected to complete work effectively and efficiently, but they are also encouraged to enjoy family, friends and hobbies, according to Robinson.

To achieve this “close-knit family” structure, she and Chief Cultural Officer Laura Love are careful in the interview and hiring processes to filter prospects that not only fit, but embrace GFM’s distinctive style.

“There are tons of talented people out there, but we hire for culture first,” Robinson said.

But that’s hardly to say they end up with a squad of slackers; rather GroundFloor’s staff is made up of seasoned experts, as opposed to industry newbies, thus confidently providing clients the optimum communication tools and strategies.

With a work-hard, play-hard attitude, GroundFloor also underscores the necessity of social and environmental contributions. To date, the team has provided pro-bono services to the Beanstalk Foundation, Colorado Meth Project, Dumb Friends League, Hunger Free Colorado, Share Our Strength, Tennyson Center for Children and The Rocky Mountain Entrepreneurial Summit. Moreover, the organization allows its team members to individually select and participate in community initiatives that are most meaningful to them, with its Get Grounded program.