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Elevate Your Online Brand: How Social Media Marketing Can Boost eCommerce Sales

Discover the art of social media marketing to enhance brand visibility and drive online sales.

Fahad Khan //April 17, 2024//

People Connecting and Sharing Social Media concept
People Connecting and Sharing Social Media concept

Elevate Your Online Brand: How Social Media Marketing Can Boost eCommerce Sales

Discover the art of social media marketing to enhance brand visibility and drive online sales.

Fahad Khan //April 17, 2024//

For eCommerce business owners, mounting competition in the virtual retail space makes it increasingly challenging to boost their online sales. Do you struggle when it comes to winning a new customer and retaining your existing ones? If so, you’re not alone.

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs and digital marketers are already leveraging the power of social media marketing in the eCommerce space. With 5.17 billion users on social media, why not capitalize on the immense potential and build your online clientele?

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience, driving engagement to boost sales. With raging competition in the online retail space, social media marketing is no longer an add-on for digital entrepreneurs.

Rather, it’s a strategic tool to gain an edge over your competitors. 

On average, individuals spend 143 minutes on social media per day, which comes to roughly 2.5 hours. So, why not streamline your social media marketing strategy to present your offerings at their fingertips?

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How does social media marketing strengthen eCommerce?

One of the best perks of using social media for marketing eCommerce products is the ability to track your customers’ online journey. Successful marketers are leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat to understand their customers better. 

A recent study revealed that global eCommerce sales through social media marketing are projected to rise to $8.5 trillion in 2030 from just $992 billion in 2022. These numbers clearly define the tremendous potential of social media marketing for virtual retailers.

Benefits of social media marketing for online brands

Here’s how brand leaders leverage social media to boost online exposure and sales.

1. Enhancing brand awareness

As an active tool, social media engages millions of global users to enhance your brand awareness. As you interact with your target audience and discuss the launch of new products, the word spreads through likes, shares and comments. Social media marketers also create visually appealing graphics to narrate the story behind your brand.

Digital marketers also create content following popular social media trends that your followers find relatable. With increased brand awareness and recognition, traffic on your site gains traction, eventually leading to higher sales volumes.

2. Engaging your customers

Thanks to engagement metrics and data analytics tools, digital marketers can track social interactions and improve the overall virtual buying journey for their clients. 

Social media is one of the broadest platforms that connects eCommerce brands directly to potential buyers. Users can also raise queries about their grievances through social media channels for instant resolution.

Established virtual retailers like Ubuy also respond to customer inquiries on social media, review feedbac, and build brand loyalty. Eventually, this leads to better customer retention, as satisfied buyers tend to make repeat purchases from eCommerce websites.

A short response time on social media handles also creates a positive impression on your audience, reflecting agile customer service.

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3. Targeted advertising

A wide range of advertising options is available on social media that help marketers target specific groups based on interests, online purchase behavior and demographics. Ecommerce brands, can, therefore, reach the right customers through advertisement for higher conversions and sales.

While potential customers use social media during their leisure hours, experienced marketers seize the opportunity to pitch their offerings informally through social media marketing.  That’s the reason users come across personalized recommendations of relevant products on their News Feed on Facebook.

This personalizes the user journey since these recommendations are based on their preferences and previous purchase history.

4. Social commerce

In the eCommerce domain, social commerce has turned out to be a popular trend.

Businesses sell their products directly on social media platforms. For instance, Facebook and Instagram allow virtual brands to create a shoppable feed of their merchandise. Followers can seamlessly access these products, leading to better sales and conversions. This innovative approach ensures that users need not leave social media platforms while making the purchase.

5. Online reputation management

As you try to gain traction in a competitive market, managing your online reputation is critical. Successful online brands showcase their reputation through social media marketing to build trust and instill confidence as they explore new shores.

Why not leverage positive feedback and testimonials of your existing customers on social media as you pitch your products to new ones? Words spread quickly through social media channels when your customers love your products!

The bottom line

Social media has evolved over the years, transforming from a mere platform for interacting with friends to a powerful tool to market your brand.

With new social media marketing strategies like influencer marketing, real-time streaming to sell products and personalization based on UGC (user-generated content) dominating recent trends, digital marketers have been proactive to spruce up sales. 

No wonder why established eCommerce brands and start-ups partner with professional social media marketing agencies to consolidate their position amidst raging competition. 


Fahad Khan is a Product Manager and digital marketing enthusiast at Ubuy Technologies.