4 big benefits to sharing office space

Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace culture? Check out these four big benefits to sharing office space

Jordan Deifik //January 24, 2022//

4 big benefits to sharing office space

Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace culture? Check out these four big benefits to sharing office space

Jordan Deifik //January 24, 2022//

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Shared office space can be a big help to your business for many reasons. As the move to remote work impacts businesses of all kinds, you will find that shared or coworking spaces are more and more important to the success of many businesses. There are many benefits to shared working space and not all of them are related to reduced costs. 

If you have a business that you have been considering moving into a smaller office space, you should think about a shared office space as a solution instead. There are many great things to say about this kind of shared office space arrangement and most companies are finding that this kind of solution makes more sense than ever before. 

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of sharing office space, you need to read on! 

Big Benefits to Sharing Office Space 

1. Reduced Costs 

Gone are the days of buying your office building and then filling it with your business assets and employees. Sharing office space with other industries that have similar workspace needs can be a big benefit to your overhead. This is particularly helpful for small companies who can always use some extra cash flow to help them to weather economic slumps and the changing nature of work. 

2. Collaboration 

When you work in a shared office space with another company that has similar needs or works in a similar kind of industry, there are almost limitless possibilities for collaborative efforts. Your companies can probably find enough in common to work on shared jobs and to share machines and more. Many companies have similar or related interests or industry spaces that are sharing office space these days just to get the benefit of increased collaboration. 

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3. Flexible Work Hours 

When you do not own the entire office building, you are likely to have access to a building management team who handles the care of the space as well as solutions related to security and other essentials. This means that you will be able to pop in and out of your shared workspace with ease all week long.  

This option can also make it easy to offer hotel-style working spaces for your employees. Most of these kinds of workspaces are secured. They use automated badge access and do not require reception or some other form of regular business hours support like traditional office spaces. 

4. Freedom from the Cubicle and Increased Creativity 

Cubicles are the bane of all kinds of different industries. There is not much that is inspiring about heading to work to sit in a small space and answer phones or type on your laptop all day. Shared workspaces are often designed to offer common seating that is more comfortable and social than traditional cubicle work. Most of these office spaces also have nice kitchen spaces and conference rooms that are much more inviting and inspiring than cubicle spaces. 

Most people will feel much more inspired when they come to work in a location that is light, open, airy, and full of collaborative work that is being done. This is one of the key benefits of having this kind of workspace at your disposal and most of these locations are much more pleasant for customers as well.  

Being able to interface with others while you work naturally is a huge benefit of shared office space. Tech companies have known about these benefits to creativity for years. It is only just now that other industries are taking advantage of the benefits of these kinds of shared working spaces. 

Shared Workspaces Are Beneficial in Many Ways 

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If you have been considering a shared workspace arrangement, you should be clear by now that there are many benefits to this kind of office space. From increased creativity to increased collaboration in inspiring workspaces, there are many great things to say about shared office spaces. Saving money is one of the key benefits of this kind of switch for your office space, but you will love all the other great benefits as well. 

Shared workspaces are the future and for good reason. Adopting this kind of office space arrangement for your business can make everything about your daily operations much more enjoyable and much more cost-effective.  

Jordan Deifik and Jay Kamlet are Colorado-based commercial real estate professionals. They co-own LawBank, the largest and oldest shared office space for lawyers in the Mountain West. LawBank has multiple locations in the Denver metro area and Downtown Las Vegas and offers flexible leasing options to attorneys throughout the region. LawBank also assists larger law firms sublet their vacant office space with small law firm tenants. Learn more about LawBank’s amenities, and the Las Vegas and Denver locations.