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5 Key Steps to Develop a Winning Business Plan in 2024

The challenge of mapping out a business plan in 2024 isn't deciding whether to adopt modern innovations like AI, but recognizing the risk of ignoring them. 

Chris Allen //March 14, 2024//

5 Key Steps to Develop a Winning Business Plan in 2024

The challenge of mapping out a business plan in 2024 isn't deciding whether to adopt modern innovations like AI, but recognizing the risk of ignoring them. 

Chris Allen //March 14, 2024//

The world and the economy never stop evolving, and in 2024, customers expect more than just good products.

Recent studies show that over 70% of consumers want to buy from companies that align with their values, especially in health, sustainability and digital innovation. This shows us the importance of understanding what people demand from the brands they support. Business plans that fail to address the specifics of the post-pandemic world are likely to have a hard time convincing investors.

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Prioritize health and wellness in your business model

People everywhere want to live healthier lives, and if your products or services can help them do that, you’re on the right track. This makes your brand more attractive and shows you’re serious about helping people live better. 

A health-focused workplace can boost productivity while seeing people as more than just workers. It creates a place where people feel valued and happy to come to work. Plus, it makes your company stand out to anyone looking for a job, attracting people who want to work in a place that cares about them. It’s all about making your company not just a place to work, but a place where everyone feels they belong and are supported.

Leverage the gig economy for operational flexibility

Using gig workers lets your business adjust quickly when you need more hands on deck or when things slow down.

This approach is great for handling busy times or special projects without having to hire more full-time staff. It keeps your business flexible and able to react fast to whatever comes your way, making sure you can always meet demand without overextending.

Mixing permanent employees with gig workers gives your company the best of both worlds. You have the steady presence of your full-time team for the day-to-day operations, while gig workers can jump in for short-term needs or special tasks.

This setup helps your business grow and adapt quickly, making it easier to take on new challenges or scale up without missing a beat. It shows that your company is smart about how it operates, ready to change and grow in today’s market.

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Innovate for the remote-first world

Give your team the latest in cloud technology and project management tools.

These are key for a smooth operation, making sure everyone, no matter where they are, can work together like they’re in the same room.To keep the team spirit alive and everyone feeling connected, think creatively. Team-building in virtual reality (VR) offers an exciting way to bring everyone together, making it more engaging than traditional video calls.

Create spaces on Slack or Discord for casual chats and celebrating small wins, which helps everyone feel like part of the team. Use these strategies to enhance team morale and demonstrate that your company embraces innovation and is a place where top talent thrives. 

Incorporate AI and machine learning for smarter operations

Start using AI and machine learning to enhance how your business operates.

These technologies can improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and even lead to new product innovations. With the new set of tools at your disposal, consider making every part of your business smarter, faster and more intuitive for your team and customers.

For instance, you could use AI to analyze customer data and predict trends, helping you stay ahead of market demands. Or, employ machine learning to automate routine tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic projects. It shows you’re serious about staying competitive and future-proofing your operations and signals to potential investors and partners that your business is at the forefront of technological advancement, ready to capitalize on the benefits these tools bring.

Build resilience through supply chain innovation

Strengthen your supply chain with innovative strategies to make it more resilient. Diversifying suppliers and investing in local sourcing are two main directions to follow. These approaches reduce risks, such as delays or disruptions, ensuring your business can always deliver to your customers.

Another key step is introducing real-time tracking and response systems.

These systems allow you to monitor your supply chain closely and act quickly if issues arise. By innovating your supply chain, you’re setting your business up for smoother, more reliable operations. This demonstrates to your customers and partners that you’re committed to quality and reliability.

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The bottom line

The strategies we’ve discussed serve as the foundation for creating businesses with lasting impact and relevance. Considering that only a small fraction of startups make a significant mark, it’s important to bulletproof your business plans and distinguish your idea in the crowded market.

Whether you’re already an experienced veteran or just looking at how to start a business in Colorado, the real challenge isn’t deciding whether to adopt these innovations but recognizing the risk of ignoring them. 


Chris Allen HeadshotChris Allen is the SVP of Marketing at Heartland, a people-centric fintech company helping over 1 Million entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses. He has 15+ years of executive Marketing leadership in B2B tech and SaaS.