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Are you spring cleaning your business?

Aside from disinfecting, your business could benefit from these housekeeping tasks

Laura Smith //June 24, 2020//

Are you spring cleaning your business?

Aside from disinfecting, your business could benefit from these housekeeping tasks

Laura Smith //June 24, 2020//

Though summer is officially in full swing, it’s never too late to partake in spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can – and should – extend beyond your home. Business leaders should spend time engaging in financial, mental, logistical – and still a little physical – spring refresh for their company.

Refresh your mission statement and your business plan

With COVID-19 and ongoing civil unrest, this year has rocked everyone’s businesses and changed many people’s perceptions of what they want for their life and for their business. Evaluate if your mission statement still serves your company. Your company’s values may have changed over the past few months and things may have different importance than they did back in January.

Like your mission statement, your business plan shouldn’t remain stagnant either. The markets have drastically changed this year, and you should revisit your business plan to ensure it is benefitting the company as it should be.

Dust off your stagnant website and social channels

Sometimes websites and social media channels are the first to fall to the wayside for a busy company. Make sure you are being your own best advocate by having all of your information up-to-date. Are your hours of operation still saying pre-COVID-19 hours, for example? Show your own SEO some love and write a blog or a white paper for your website.

Organize your email

If you are behind your computer for hours every workday, clearing out your inbox is one way to make nearly every single digital communication less stressful and more efficient. Pour a coffee, or something harder, and spend the morning knocking it out. You will never regret it.

Clean your office

While you’re spring cleaning your business, you might as well literally clean it as well. With so many people working from home right now, it’s likely that many of those workers’ offices could use a little spruce.

  • Dust and wipe down your ceiling fan, if applicable. Switch your fan’s direction to counter clockwise so cool air blows down.
  • Declutter your desk from stray papers and pens. File away those business cards you’ve been collecting.
  • If you are prone to have your allergies flare up in the spring time, make sure to regularly dust your office and clean your floors to rid your home or business of the pollen that you bring in from outside.
  • Clean light fixtures and lamp shades and replace any dead bulbs you’ve been ignoring.

Be the office hero

Or better yet, hire someone. There are a few quick spring fixes that will help your office run more smoothly and increase the safety of your team.

  • Pull everything out of your kitchen. Get rid of expired items, organize food and cookware, wipe down cabinets inside and out, and replace any liners that need it.
  • Replace batteries and clean smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Properly dispose of any loose, used batteries rolling around in drawers as they are a fire hazard.
  • It’s more important than ever to wipe down all desks, phones, keyboards, light switch plates, door knobs, etc. with disinfectant
  • If your office has air conditioning, make sure the humidifiers are cleaned out before using.