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BAGELS and sales

Gary Harvey //October 10, 2014//

BAGELS and sales

Gary Harvey //October 10, 2014//

What in the world do bagels have to do with selling? Yes, I like bagels. Most people do, right? However, I don’t mean the kind you eat.  BAGELS is an acronym I use in coaching my clients that might help you stay on track of the things you need to do daily to increase your sales.

BehaviorsWhat “behaviors” are you doing daily to help grow your sales? For instance, I ask everyone that I come in contact with for referrals or introductions. Or you could not ask and go cold call. You pick.

Attitudes and AffirmationsMy “attitude/belief “is, “I am comfortable asking everyone I come in contact with for referrals or introductions. If you don’t have this attitude or belief, you simply won’t ask.

GoalsWhat are my daily goals? It could be; (1) Contact 2 new referral sources. (2) Contact 3 past clients. (3) Attend a networking event for this week.

What are my weekly goals?

What are my monthly goals?

What are a few of my personal, motivating goals?

Evaluation of YesterdayBe willing to be honest with yourself.  Not being does nothing to benefit you. Rate your behaviors and Attitudes on a 1-10 scale. 1 low and 10 high.  Behavior: 9  Attitude: 10

Lessons Learned

What did I do well yesterday and want to reinforce to keep doing well?

What can I improve on from yesterday?

What lessons did I learn from yesterday?

Successes and Self ImageWhat successes can I celebrate from yesterday?


  1. Four referral introductions.
  2. Worked on my Self image-Self Identity…

Try starting your day with BAGELS, and who knows what can happen?