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IWG Offers Cyclists Free Access to Workplace Locations for Bike to Work Week

The promotion will run from May 15-19 at IWG Workspaces in Denver.

ColoradoBiz Staff //May 11, 2023//

IWG Offers Cyclists Free Access to Workplace Locations for Bike to Work Week

The promotion will run from May 15-19 at IWG Workspaces in Denver.

ColoradoBiz Staff //May 11, 2023//

To celebrate National Bike to Work Week and the sustainability benefits of hybrid working, IWG, plc the leading provider of flexible workspace, both in the US and globally — has announced it will provide free access to its business lounge facilities for all office workers in the metro areas of seven U.S. locations. The participating markets include Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Washington, D.C. San Francisco, San Jose, and Denver. The offer is redeemable for any two days between May 15-19, 2023.

The concept of 15-minute city living — where people live and work locally, within 15 minutes of their home, has been rapidly growing in popularity since the pandemic. There is a growing demand for living more localized and enriched lives with more time spent with friends and family and less time commuting. This philosophy goes hand in hand with sustainable, active transportation options. For hybrid workers who have the option to work at an office closer to their home, biking to work is a healthier, more sustainable option than driving a car or traveling extended distances on public transport.

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“Sustainability is top of mind for many companies around the world — and their employees are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint,” said Mark Dixon, CEO and Founder of IWG. “During Bike to Work Week, we are promoting sustainable transportation and access to office spaces that are closer to home – both of which are growing trends and interests of our customers. The shift to the hybrid work model is bolstered by the rising popularity of the concept of the 15-minute city, where people live and work within 15 minutes of their home.”

To participate, all workers need to do is find the nearest location is download the IWG or Regus apps. When they arrive at their center of choice, they will show a ​​photo of their bike parked with that day’s timestamp or a receipt from a bike-sharing company to the IWG team and they will be provided access to the business lounge or co-working space. All IWG locations have fully furnished spaces, reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connection, 24/7 customer service and dedicated meeting room spaces. On the app, users can take advantage of a range of professional products and services from booking meeting rooms to printing collateral to utilizing facilities including private offices, meeting rooms, co-working and creative spaces.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation emissions comprise 27% of carbon emissions in the United States. Switching to a sustainable form of transportation like biking or walking is one of the most effective ways that a person can reduce their everyday carbon emissions, with biking having about a 30th of the carbon impact of driving a car.  Additionally, recent research from IWG and Arup shows that working in the hybrid model can reduce emissions associated with work by up to 90% in some U.S. cities. The report found that workers who travel to a local workspace more than half of the time have much lower carbon impacts than people working with a traditional five-day commute.

Cyclists can take note of bike safety details in each respective market, including:

IWG provides on-demand services to its members, including access to 3,500 locations around the world, meeting rooms whenever they are needed, IT support, networking, and business and social events and much more.

To download the app, please visit here.


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