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Dec 11, 2023

Who Will Lead Colorado’s Energy Future?

As ColoradoBiz prepared its fifth Energy Report, we identified more than 100 story ideas for consideration. From renewables to hydrogen to the electric grid to battery storage and critical minerals, we were again reminded that we’ll never run out of business stories to tell. And while this report may merely scratch the surface[...]

Sep 26, 2023

Top Company 2023: Energy

Now in its 36th year, ColoradoBiz magazine’s Top Company Awards program recognizes businesses and organizations based in Colorado or with a significant presence in the state that are leading the way in their fields, as demonstrated by financial performance, notable company achievements and community engagement. To be considere[...]

Sep 14, 2023

Help Wanted (and Fast): The Alarming Talent shortage in Colorado’s Energy Sector

The next major pipeline the energy industry in Colorado (and the entire world) must confront is a talent pipeline. Today’s real energy challenge is to find and recruit the professional talent needed for a huge increase in renewable energy projects alongside new roles that engineers, geologists and other essential traditional e[...]

May 22, 2023

Chevron Acquires PDC Energy in $6.3 Billion, All-stock Deal

Monday morning provided some corporate M&A fireworks as Chevron announced the purchase of Colorado-based PDC Energy. It will acquire all of the outstanding shares of PDC in an all-stock transaction valued at $6.3 billion, or $72 per share. The deal makes Chevron an even more formidable operator in Colorado by tacking an addi[...]

May 4, 2023

Inside the Colorado Mining Industry: Impact of Broken Regulations for US

In the United States, our regulatory regime for mining project development is broken. It takes between 7 and 10 years to get the necessary permits to operate in the U.S. This makes it incredibly difficult for U.S. mines to compete on a global scale and to get the investment necessary to start in the first […]

Mar 16, 2023

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Machine Learning: Achieving Sustainability for a Healthier Planet

In an era of a rapidly changing climate, achieving agricultural sustainability is critical to ensure the health and well-being of our planet. With limited resources and an ever-increasing population, traditional farming practices can no longer support a sustainable food system. Fortunately, the current technological advances in [...]

Mar 10, 2023

How the Colorado Chamber of Commerce is Breaking New Ground in Environmental Sustainability

Employers throughout our great state have long been invested in a clean environment for the communities where they operate for the future of Colorado. We’ve worked closely with our members at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce to address environmental policy, and we’ve seen firsthand how committed the business community is in [...]

Feb 28, 2023

Conserving Colorado’s Natural Treasures — Federal Conservation Funding and its Critical Role

Spring in Colorado means it’s time to start trading in your ski boots for hiking boots. As snowpack starts to melt away and access to the backcountry opens up, we can begin again our treks to explore the incredible sites across our state’s public lands. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on threats to federal […]

Feb 28, 2023

Understanding Colorado’s Environmental Waste Reality

Colorado’s renewable energy frenzy has been met with an array of positive news. It’s viewed as clean, modern, and the best alternative to break America’s addiction to fossil fuels. But as facts about recycling the first generation of solar and wind-farm materials emerge, the long-held perception of renewables as a panacea [...]

Feb 14, 2023

Biden is Right About One Thing — Oil and Natural Gas Aren’t Going Anywhere

A funny thing happened when President Biden went off script during his recent State of the Union speech and began jousting with a raucous group of Republican lawmakers. He told the truth. Now, that’s not to say the rest of what he said was lies, but in this unscripted moment, which began just as he […]

Feb 3, 2023

Understanding ESG & Colorado’s Energy Transformation

The energy produced right here in Colorado, by our home-grown oil and natural gas industry, is the foundation of everything in our state, America, the world and beyond. Every business, transportation system, school, home, news organization, or social media app, would not exist without energy. Over the last several decades, inves[...]

Feb 3, 2023

Becoming a Zero-Emissions State — How Alternative Fuels Are Transforming Transportation in Colorado

Gone are the days of gas-burning vehicles. We’re officially in an energy renaissance with a firm trajectory toward clean energy consumption in our transportation methods. There’s a strong push for everything run on gasoline to be phased out. We’re now seeing the great transformation that the state of Colorado has been yea[...]