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May 25, 2022

Planning Split-Parenting Time Over Summer Break

While a few months of summer break can feel like an eternity for some parents, other parents may feel like it’s not enough. With activities, summer camps, visiting relatives, and summer vacations with kids, summer can quickly fly by — and particularly between two divorced parents. Both parents might feel like they aren’t g[...]

May 18, 2022

Tips for a Business Succession Plan

As a business owner, you already know that planning for the future is imperative. While you are already likely doing this, you may not be planning as far into the future as you should be. Inevitably, there will come a day that you are no longer around or capable of running your business. As older […]

May 4, 2022

Gifting a Graduate? Consider: Investments

Graduation season is here once again. Seniors are committing to colleges, paying deposits, completing FAFSA forms, and preparing for graduation celebrations. As a money-savvy supporter, you want to give the grads in your life something different than a card with cash or a gift card tucked inside. You want something that will not[...]

Apr 25, 2022

Steps to Consider Now Toward Estate Planning

The Census Bureau reports the average age of widowhood in the United States is only 59 years old. With this being the case, many women should be prepared financially to live another 20-30 years after the death of their spouse. Tragically, I have three clients who unexpectedly lost their husbands to a heart attack, inoperable [&h[...]

Apr 18, 2022

Buying a New Business? Don’t Forget to Review all Contracts

The purchase of a new business is one of the most significant transactions you will ever make. It’s an exciting yet stressful time with many lucrative opportunities. However, if you don’t carefully pay attention to due diligence or gloss over something critical, the whole deal could go wrong or, worse yet, you could [...]


Apr 18, 2022

Your Trademark! Your Right, Your Burden

One of the first decisions you made as a business owner was selecting the name for your business. After months and months of crunching numbers, your creative side came through for you. Your trade name was both innovative and unique, and you saw great potential in it. And, what was only a sketch and a […]

Apr 4, 2022

The Value of Ongoing Contract Reviews

Every business relationship or project should start with a contract. It’s the cornerstone of the relationship or endeavor. It’s a rulebook, so to speak, for all involved parties to follow. A solid contract defines and governs the parties’ obligations when something unanticipated happens — as it often does. Contracts dete[...]


Mar 21, 2022

5 Ways to Minimize Harm to Children During Divorce

As family law attorneys, we unfortunately see a lot of conflict and turmoil within families. As attorneys, our goal is always to advocate for our client’s interests. When clients have children involved in their case, a competent family law attorney also focuses on the best interests of the children. Below, are five ways to sup[...]

Mar 1, 2022

Black History is More Than a Month

We’ve just wrapped Black History Month 2022, but it shouldn’t stop there for you or your business. Black history is more than a month. Here are some ways to keep the momentum going through your business in the coming months, and years, for more impact: Diversity in Corporate Boards Allow Black leaders to shine through [&hell[...]

Jan 24, 2022

Why you need to keep your deal teams small for mergers & acquisitions

Although the professionals that make up such a team are vital to making smart business decisions and covering a business, inviting too many people to be on the team can cause significant problems.  

Jan 17, 2022

3 Financial New Year’s Resolutions for Lawyers

If you’re an attorney who has been thinking about deploying some financial changes in 2022, here are three financial goals that industry experts recommend for legal counselors.  


Jan 17, 2022

6 steps to take before you meet with a divorce attorney

From reviewing the Colorado state court website to assembling your financial documents, these are important things to know and do. If you, like countless others, have made the difficult decision to begin the divorce process, consider taking the following steps, even before you consult with an attorney.