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Jan 18, 2024

AI vs. Traditional: Which is the Best Approach in Recruitment

Recruiting challenges change constantly, which means you need creativity to stay ahead of the curve and ensure efficient hiring. However, traditional methods, while tried and tested, can struggle to keep pace with the dynamic hiring needs of today’s world. Enter AI recruiting. From sourcing to candidate assessment, this pr[...]

Jan 16, 2024

Why Colorado Needs Sustainable Power Solutions for Modern Aviation

In recent times, there’s been a growing call for sustainable power solutions in modern aviation. As the aviation industry aims to cut down on its carbon footprint and address climate change concerns, finding alternative energy sources has become a top priority.  READ: United Airlines & MSU Denver Join Forces to Tackle[...]

Jan 15, 2024

This Winter Travel Season, Tech is Playing an Important Role in Denver’s Aviation Security

It may not be a surprise for those who frequently travel during the holidays, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed that on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, 2.9 million jet setters officially broke a record for most airline passengers on a single day. Government officials forecasted a record travel se[...]

Jan 3, 2024

How to Welcome AI in Your Recruiting Process

We’ve all experienced the endless circles of frustration and stress that have become the norm as we try to resolve day-to-day issues with the help of a bot. AI has arrived, and it’s everywhere, including in recruitment. However, AI is a tool, not the toolbox. It cannot replace humanity. READ: AI in the Workplace — [&hellip[...]

Jan 2, 2024

Is AI Revolutionizing the Insurance Market? In Short, Yes.

The insurance industry, historically characterized by manual processes and conservative risk assessment, has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years with the infusion of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the insurance market by streamlining operations, improving customer experience[...]

Dec 22, 2023

Made in Colorado (Winter 2023): Capella Space’s High-Resolution Satellites

There’s a common misconception that the United States doesn’t manufacture much anymore. In reality, the country continues to out-manufacture China on a per capita basis, and domestic growth outpaced the global average for the first time in years in late 2022. Colorado is a case in point. Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of[...]

Dec 19, 2023

CEO of the Year 2023 Finalist: Vinay Nair

Colorado is full of devoted entrepreneurs, business leaders and tech-savvy visionaries who are constantly taking the business world to new heights. It’s no secret that here, at ColoradoBiz, we love the Colorado business community. That’s why, every year, we spotlight the most impressive CEOs throughout our Centennial state a[...]

Dec 14, 2023

Cutting-Edge Health Innovations Showcased at Fitzsimons Bioscience Event

Bioscience companies from across the region showcased their advancements and discoveries on Sept. 27 at an event held at the Benson Hotel and Faculty Club and hosted by Fitzsimons Innovation Community and Aimco. Attendees heard from 10 of the more than 80 visionary biotech and life sciences companies in the Fitzsimons Innovation[...]

Dec 11, 2023

Denver Ranked 3rd Nationally in New Study for ‘Future-Readiness’

The future looks comparatively bright for the Mile High City, at least according to a recent study that set out to rank the 100 largest U.S. cities in terms of their “future-readiness.” Denver ranked third, behind only Seattle and San Jose, California. The study, released Oct. 10 and conducted by Point2, a Canada-based real [...]

Dec 11, 2023

Who Will Lead Colorado’s Energy Future?

As ColoradoBiz prepared its fifth Energy Report, we identified more than 100 story ideas for consideration. From renewables to hydrogen to the electric grid to battery storage and critical minerals, we were again reminded that we’ll never run out of business stories to tell. And while this report may merely scratch the surface[...]

Nov 28, 2023

Andy Filson and the Future of Manufacturing in Colorado (Q&A)

Each year, ColoradoBiz brings together the state’s manufacturers at our Made in Colorado event to celebrate the people and businesses behind some of the state’s most innovative products. This year’s event on December 5, 2023 will feature CoorsTek Chief Operations Officer Andy Filson. ColoradoBiz staff sat down with Mr.[...]

Nov 22, 2023

Inside the Colorado Semiconductor Industry Renaissance: CHIPS Act Sparks Manufacturing Revival

A $600 billion global market, semiconductors are omnipresent. They’re the chips used for memory, processing and other systems in basically every new phone, car, fridge, TV, computer and plane.  When supply chain woes hit the semiconductor industry in Asia, U.S. companies paid the price for decades of offshoring. National empl[...]