Denver developers build for the future

Planning for tomorrow -- today

Erik Hagevik //February 27, 2015//

Denver developers build for the future

Planning for tomorrow -- today

Erik Hagevik //February 27, 2015//

If you’ve decided to move into one of the Denver metro area’s spectacular new apartment buildings, there are many good reasons to feel confident in your decision.  Apartment developers are paying close attention to what all of their new residents want, and delivering great apartment communities that will last for years to come. 

Planning for tomorrow’s technology

As we’re all aware, the world of technology changes on what seems like a daily basis.  And while it’s impossible to predict the possibilities for the year 2020, it is possible to design and build modern apartment buildings that accommodate all of the great technological advancements of today. 

For example, “smart apartments” include the ability to control your apartment remotely (such as warming the thermostat on your way home on a cold winter day; making sure your favorite television show is being recorded from your office desk; opening or closing your bedroom blinds as you shop for groceries; making sure your lights are on, before you open your door; receiving text alerts from apartment management … the list goes on).  By laying a foundation that is based on the most modern technological advancements, the newest apartment buildings in Denver are well equipped to handle the technological demands of the future.

Creating communities

One of the many great things about living in an apartment building is that people of varying demographics can enjoy living at the same premier address.  The person who only wants a one bedroom apartment can still enjoy all the value and benefits as the person who is leasing the penthouse apartment on the top floor.   Forward-thinking developers recognize this diversity, and are designing and building apartment residences that provide a perfect mix. 

The result of this vision is apartment communities that provide plenty of options to people.  Whether a person simply wants a very basic living space, or someone else wants a more sizable living environment, today’s apartment buildings are being designed with multiple desires in mind.  This mix is creating energetic and fun places to live, in some of the most desirable locations in Denver.

Establishing a litany of services

Many of the new apartment buildings throughout the metro area are establishing on-site amenities and services that would rival any boutique hotel.  Designers and property management teams are taking a page from the service industry in an attempt to make the resident’s life easier.  A dedicated concierge, theaters, barbecue decks, rooftop pools, concierge services, dog grooming, dog parks, fitness centers that are comprehensive enough to let a person cancel their gym membership, package delivery and on-site cafés and bars are just a few examples what developers are doing to provide the ultimate lifestyle.  Developers understand that by providing outstanding amenities and services, they’ll be able to sustain their occupancy levels over a long period of time and be able to differentiate themselves in the market.

Addressing mass-transit

As Denver continues to become a more mass-transit oriented city, smart developers are making sure that they are providing transportation options to their residents who have decided to forego an automobile.  Some of these new ideas include shrinking the square footage of parking garages and using the additional space for other purposes (such as secure bike storage with specific bike lockers and an onsite B-cycle station).  Other creative ideas include coordinating car pools for residents, establishing on-site dedicated car sharing parking spaces to residents, planning parking and charging spaces for electric automobiles.  The dedicated car sharing parking would include working with and promoting potential car sharing vendors such as Zipcar, Car2Go and Getaround.

Designing efficiently and sustainably

Apartment developers are researching the best ways to make sure that their buildings are efficient and sustainable for years to come.  Some of their recent discoveries include installing fuel cells into buildings as a way to harness a building’s continuous release of energy and power and recycling it for future use.  Quality construction with a focus on sustainability is the key to any building’s success into the future.  Designing the project to the sustainable principles of LEED standards continues to be a focus.

Denver’s apartment market continues to grow at a rapid pace. To keep up with the times, apartment developers are not only thinking of ways to address the needs of current residents, but the expectations of the people who will live in their buildings in the years to come.