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GenXYZ 2015: Brad Cillian

Margaret Jackson //September 1, 2015//

GenXYZ 2015: Brad Cillian

Margaret Jackson //September 1, 2015//

The Analyst

Brad Cillian 

38 | Vice President,
Director of Innovation
IMA Financial Group Inc.

Brad Cillian is helping companies develop culture by designing and budgeting their benefits and compensation dollars based on what employees value most. He uses statistical analysis traditionally not used in the insurance industry to evaluate benefits, compensation, development and culture along with budget to optimize dollars for recruiting and retaining employees.

    About eight years ago, Cillian’s wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which led to his involvement with the Rocky Mountain MS Center, where he now serves on the board.

Biggest achievement

“The ability to listen to executives and create strategies that meet their needs instead of just pushing forward historical strategies because that’s the way things have always been done. We’re changing industry views from how things have been done to how things can be done in the future.”

Making an impact

“We are moving employers from thinking about just employee benefits to their overall human capital spend. Employers used to think about benefits, compensation and training, but they never brought it all together. All these dollars come out of the same bank account. This is a very big change in our industry. We’re talking about retention and what do these millennials want.”

Role models

Rob Cohen, CEO of IMA Financial Group Inc.

“My wife is a role model. She fights MS every day.”

Best advice

“Make mom proud.”


Raising alpacas, involvement in MS-related causes, and education.

“I love to continue to learn.”