How to get your business branding right

Words + Visuals + Actions = Brand Experience

Becca Cooper Leebove //January 26, 2021//

How to get your business branding right

Words + Visuals + Actions = Brand Experience

Becca Cooper Leebove //January 26, 2021//

While your visual identity is crucial, words + actions have a massive role in branding effectively. Here are some reasons why these elements are important for creating successful branding.

Content drives design

A messaging plan is an effective method for producing a brand, campaign, or product rollout. Thinking through and mapping out your content strategy first drives innovation, clarity and robust design.

Simplification is key

We genuinely believe that less is more when getting your message across. The more you try to explain, the harder it is to understand.

In the book “Building A Story Brand,” Donald Miller says it best “when you confuse, you lose.” He says, “clarify your message, so customers will listen.”

Most people are not paying attention to anything longer than 90 seconds to absorb anyway. {I may have already lost you about now…}

Consistency is critical

When you understand your message and the words you want to use as part of your brand, use them repeatedly. The consistency will start to stick and gain traction with your audience. And your message will be easier to share.

Every word matters

Using the wrong words can be detrimental. Use strong positive sound-bytes, both verbally and in written formats.

The proof is in the pudding

Don’t forget about data. Anytime you have facts and figures to back something up, it’s more credible. How many clients have you served? How many people have you helped? How long have you been around? Who has endorsed you?

One concept at a time

Here are some pointers to keep things focused:

  • One idea for one slide
  • One clear intro brand statement on your website’s homepage
  • One goal per campaign
  • One call-to-action
  • One strong message in your tagline
  • One mission
  • One vision
  • One new concept roll-out at a time

 Actions speak louder

Now that you have the words to describe your business, it is time to make sure that your process matches up. While your promotions say one thing, are you genuinely representing that in your actions?

Ensure your customer experience aligns, or you’ll have angry customers and a negative brand experience overall.

Becca Cooper Becca Cooper Leebove is a brand strategist and the founder of ShuBu Creative—a marketing and branding agency in Denver, creating impactful and purposeful brands and compelling marketing strategies by diving deep into people’s motivations, data and trends. Visit or follow Instagram @shubu_creative or Facebook @ShuBuCreative to learn more.