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Improving Your Customer Experience and Boosting Satisfaction — 3 Easy Tips

Learn how technology can help you prioritize your customers and provide outstanding service.

Indiana Lee //April 5, 2023//

Improving Your Customer Experience and Boosting Satisfaction — 3 Easy Tips

Learn how technology can help you prioritize your customers and provide outstanding service.

Indiana Lee //April 5, 2023//

The top companies in Colorado know how to create a positive customer experience: listening to customer feedback. Positive reviews are key, and you can get them by investing in technology so your teams can work seamlessly and your clients can get the answers they need on a timely basis. Here are some considerations for achieving faster service, putting your customers first and making your staff’s job much more manageable.

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Prioritize your customers

Making your customers the priority is key. You must always strive to improve your processes to get their return business. The best way to improve? Feedback.

To get constructive, consider a “How did we do?” culture, where your service or sales agents take a moment to analyze how they did on each call or chat and how they can improve. Then, they can put tactics they learned into their future interactions.

You can also make life much easier using a customer experience management (CXM) system, which provides a clear overview of your customers. You can view their previous history, the status of their orders, current outstanding service issues and more. With that information at your fingertips, you can give your clients concrete answers and make it a true one-call resolution.

Providing multiple ways to reach out is another way to prioritize your customers. A new trend that’s gaining steam is the chatbot, which is embedded in your website. Customers can use the chat feature to communicate and get answers when they have a quick question. If the issue is too advanced for the bot, they are transferred to a human agent. Customers will appreciate it when they can get an answer without picking up the phone.

Access to data must be immediate

The next step to creating a positive customer experience is ensuring that they can get assistance promptly while shopping on their own or with the assistance of a service rep. You’ll need a high-speed network to do this. If your employees constantly complain that the system runs slowly, it may be time to rethink your business internet and consider 5G technology. 

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Adding 5G to your Wi-Fi network can drastically speed up many of your processes. There’s also an added layer of security via a SIM card, as any employee must be authenticated to access it. When customers provide so much of their data to your organization, they expect it to be protected. This step can give that added security.

In addition to quickly accessing data, employees must be able to reach programs and customer data from anywhere. Your company can provide quick access by using the cloud. Whether your team works at the office or remotely, they can connect to the cloud to help customers wherever they may be located. It is another advancement to consider.

Your team must be effective

Finally, to prioritize your customers you must provide your team with the proper tools. If your agent cannot easily find an answer, the customers can get upset. 

There are many tech upgrades that you can make to solidify the efficiency of your team, including group chat. Ensure that everyone at your company can communicate across departments at the touch of a button, so they can get the answer they need immediately and relay it to the customer.

Management can also use time and productivity tracking tools to gauge how long your employees take to help each customer. If they are spending more time than necessary, a change is needed. There are many productivity tracker tools currently on the market. You can use them to run reports to make modifications, set clear objectives and make it so every customer is assisted promptly. In addition to providing outstanding service, you can help more customers with a smaller staff.


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